Last few days of school

It’s hard to believe that we have one full day and two half days of school left. Where did the time go? I guess the old adage is correct, time flies when you’re having fun.

At this point teachers don’t have any information regarding retaking the Milestone. If anything comes in after this post I will immediately email everyone with the update.

Monday morning at 8 am is the entire third grade Eagle Awards. If your child is receiving an award an invitation was sent home last week.

Classes will be eating in the classroom for the last three days. Since  we  may be doing retakes for the Milestone on Tuesday and Wednesday we have been asked that no visitors come for lunch on either of these days. We will be under the same guidelines as when we took it in April, classes will remain in their rooms, bathroom breaks will be monitored and no outside activities.

The children have cleaned out their cubbies, extra supplies and their journals for the year should have come home last week. They only need to bring their expandable (in case they want to keep any activities we have planned) and a snack. Speaking of expandables, I hope they have their cursive writing sheets in them. They have made great progress! I asked them to keep the forms so they can practice cursive over the summer on rainy days.

Thank you for letting us have your children this year, we had the best students in third grade!

April 17-21


We will begin Milestone testing on Wednesday, April 19th. Students who arrive after 8am will not be allowed to enter the classroom, they will remain in the cafeteria and will take a makeup test at a later date. Please ensure your child eats breakfast containing protein either at home or at school. The sessions aren’t broken into smaller sections, we have one long section each day. We will have snack as soon as the session ends and testing materials have been returned. We will be having a shortened specials each day, the schedule is listed below, and lunch at our regular time.

We are having our final STEM day on April 28th, it is also the day for our “inspection” to see if we will be certified a STEM school! If you can possibly donate any supplies we will be forever grateful.  The link to the list is below.

Supply Request Flyer for Blogs

May 2nd- The first annual Big Shanty Garden Gala from 6-8pm! We are excited to show off what our children have  been doing this year. Mrs. Brooks, Ms. Dorsett, Mrs. Mohammed and Mrs. Wilkes are thrilled to help our students with a wax museum. The students will dress up as one of the historical figures we studied, the children wrote papers on a favorite historical fiction and will present the information at the Garden Gala. Please don’t spend a lot of money on a costume, look around your house for items that can be recycled and prowl the thrift stores. Below is a photo of my son dressed for his fourth grade wax museum (on the far left, the black wig and white pants). We spent less than $10 on the costume, the “boots” are slippers with soccer socks, the pants are baseball pants (all lying around the house). The jacket is one of my old ones, we bought a yard of red fabric that we glued on along with the gold braid. The wig came from Party City. I think he looks great and it cost less than $10! Please let Mrs. Brooks know as soon as possible if your child is going to participate in the wax museum, we are scheduled from 6:15-6:45 (I think), it is an early time so the kids can go and enjoy the rest of the gala and get to bed on time. So far we only have two confirmations, thank you Anthony and Alyssa! We need some more historical figures please!

Language Arts- Due to the shortened time this week we will only be having reading, students will continue to work on their group animal project.


Monday- PE, wear sneakers

Tuesday- Health, wear sneakers

Wednesday- STEM

Thursday- Art

Friday- Music


Small Group Reading and Writing: This week in small group reading and writing we will have shortened time together because of testing. When we are together we will do some fun activities in our reading and writing time. Good luck to you all, you’ve got this! Love, Ms. Dorsett


April 10-14

Important Dates:

April 19th: Milestone testing begins. Please ensure your child is at school and in their homeroom before 8 am. Students who arrive to the classroom after 8 am will not be allowed to enter due to the testing. They will remain in the cafeteria until testing concludes and will be administered a makeup test at a later date.

April 26th: Progress reports go home

April 28th: STEM/Career Day; Big Shanty Carnival

TESTING INFORMATION: We will be administering the Milestone assessment from April 19th through April 25th. Our specials schedule will be different and possibly our lunch schedule could also change. The test will be administered beginning at 8 am each morning, there are different times for each test but we hope to be finished by 11 am each day.

We sent home a flyer in Thursday folders that said if you wanted to send in notes of encouragement for testing day you can put them in an envelope or a bag with your child’s name on it. We will put them at their seat each day of testing. You can send the notes in at any time. 

Please make sure your child eats a breakfast with protein at home or at school. The protein “sticks” with them longer so they don’t get hungry during the test. We will have snack as soon as testing finishes each day.

Cell phones, smart watches, or other electronic devices are not allowed and must be left in backpacks or collected by the teacher during End of Grade Testing April 19 – April 25. Fifth grade will test through April 28th.

We have a new thing for students, a bird cam! We have a bluebird nest with eggs in it that can be viewed any time. Just click on the following link and you can see a live feed. At last count there were SIX eggs in the nest.

Bird Cam

Language Arts: We are going to continue our Milestone writing practice until the test during writing class. For reading we are going to learn how to combine our information for a non-fiction topic into cohesive paragraphs on Monday and then on Tuesday the students are going to practice with the information they have gathered on their group animal. Beginning Wednesday we are going to have some lessons about standardized testing. Hopefully it will alleviate some nerves about the test.

Small Group Reading and Writing: Welcome back! I have missed everyone so, I am looking forward to a great week of learning. This week in reading we are going to again focus on digraphs and blends. The following will be our spelling words this week spin, stuff, press, pinch, brag, chunks, hang, blocks, vest, camps. In writing we will continue to work on the RACE strategy where we restate the question before we begin writing. We are also talking about and practicing for the upcoming milestone testing. Love, Ms. Dorsett

Math: In math, students will begin learning about quadrilaterals. A quadrilateral has 4 sides and 4 angles. We will learn about the specific types of quadrilaterals as well- squares, rectangles, parallelograms, etc. Students will learn that a square is always a rectangle, but a rectangle isn’t a square! (Tongue twister.) We will also continue reviewing previously taught concepts in order to help prepare students for the milestones. Reviewing these concepts daily ensure retention of the critical skills students will need in later grades!

Specials for the Week:

Monday: PE, wear sneakers

Tuesday: Health, wear sneakers

Wednesday: STEM

Thursday: Art

Friday: Music


Third Grade Monstars

Important Dates:

Spring Picture Day, 3/30/17 – Class photos will be taken, but individual photos will only be taken for students that prepay.

Parents can pay online directly to GCI Portraits.   Please have the parents reference code BSHANS17.  GCI’s phone number is 770-428-3717.

April 1-9 NO SCHOOL Spring Break

Reading: We will continue with our animal research groups. The children are enjoying learning new facts  about their animals and sharing them with their classmates.

Writing: We will work on compare/contrast writing for the Milestone. It was interesting to see when the children were shown the examples of answers and the scores they were given our children scored them more harshly than the Milestone evaluators.


Monday: PE, wear sneakers

Tuesday: Health, wear sneakers

Wednesday: STEM

Thursday: Art

Friday: Music


March 20-24


Important Dates:

Tuesday, March 21st-All club pictures will be made at school. If your child is a member of a club they need to wear their club shirt (if they have one).

Thursday, March 23rd- Report cards go home; Little Eagles Chorus after school

Friday, March 24th- Eagle Awards, invitations will be sent home on Tuesday. If your child is in Mrs. Brooks homeroom the ceremony is at 10:45, if your child is in Mrs. Mohammed’s homeroom your child’s ceremony is at 9:55.

Cobb county is hosting a competition called Kidtalk, students submit a video where they tell about an idea to change the world. It is open to all Cobb County students. Please click on the below link to go to the flyer for more information.

KiDtalk Only Flyer 17

On Thursday students received a follow up personal code to register for the school read-a-thon. Thank you for your support!

Reading: We will begin research groups! Each student will work with a group to research a given animal. They have researched individually but will learn how to work together in a group sharing information and deciding what is important to include in their final paper.

Writing: The entire third grade language arts team is working together to reinforce the writing skills required on the Milestone testing. We will be using previous questions that have been released for practice. The teachers will provide direct instruction regarding the writing required for the assignment, the students will write, then we will review examples of writing scoring 1, 2 or 3. We will practice these skills until the assessment starts on April 19th.

Grammar: Due to the writing remediation we will not have mentor sentences nor vocabulary/spelling during this time. Both are embedded in the writing teaching.

Math: In math, we will begin our study of “time” while continuing to remediate and extend previously taught concepts. Please continue to have your child practice their multiplication facts at home! This will be extremely beneficial to them both now and in the coming grades.

Here is a video on elapsed time.

Science: Students are learning about pollution and its impact on the environment. Here are some articles to read with your child:

We will learn about land pollution, air pollution, and water pollution. We want our students to understand they can make changes now to help our environment in the future.

Small Group Reading and Writing: This week in reading and writing we are going to continue with phonetic rules and working on our spelling and reading. We will have spelling this week as it is importnaIn writing we are going to work on and practice writing for the milestones. Progress reports come home this week. I am looking forward to a great week. Love, Ms. Dorsett

March 13-17

Green team won the Penny Wars! Thank you for your participation, the kids truly loved it.

Important Dates:

Green Week: Students received a copy of the daily activities on Friday, in case they misplaced it, here is another copy.

Monday, March 13th- Bring a reusable water bottle and get a homework pass

Tuesday, March 14th- Wear green.                                                                                                             Library day for third grade. Students need to arrive at school by 7:35 in order to have time to select and check out a book before the first bell at 7:45.

Wednesday, March 15th- bring a grocery bag to tie to a belt loop, students will collect all their garbage for the day in the bag. Yearbook orders are due, $35. There may be a limited amount available later for $40, cash only, when they are delivered.

Thursday, March 16th- wear a hat made of recycled material. Little Eagles Chorus after school. Students can be picked up in front of the school or registered students may attend ASP.

Friday, March 17th- students will us a milk carton from lunch to use as a planter for seeds.                ST. PATRICK’S DAY DANCE, right after school. Students must have signed permission form to attend. Pickup will be at 3:30 in the front of the school or registered students may go to ASP.                             Last day to turn in Eagle Eyes for the nine weeks.

Tuesday, March 21st-All club pictures will be made at school. If your child is a member of a club they need to wear their club shirt (if they have one).

Thursday, March 23rd- Report cards go home

Friday, March 24th- Eagle Awards

Cobb county is hosting a competition called Kidtalk, students submit a video where they tell about an idea to change the world. It is open to all Cobb County students. Please click on the below link to go to the flyer for more information.

KiDtalk Only Flyer 17

On Thursday students received a personal code to register for the school read-a-thon. Below is a video to give more information. Thank you for your support!

Reading: The Chocolate Touch will finish the book this week, I wonder what they will choose as their new book? Our book clubs have been a really fun time for the students and teachers. The discussion questions for the chapters we will complete this week are on Edmodo.


We are continuing with comparing and contrasting and started adding in cause/effect last week. We’ve discussed how in a book cause/effect is similar to a chain. BEcause one thing occurred, it had an effect on something else, which then had an effect and so on. We introduced the concept on Friday and they did a wonderful job using cause/effect throughout Stellaluna.

Last week to turn in Eagle Eyes for the nine weeks!

Vocabulary this week is from our mentor book Trouble With Trolls and the individual book club books. They received a new choice board last Monday, as usual four choices are due on Friday and we will take the assessment then. The words are NOT on Spelling City this week, all choices  must be from the board (Spelling City isn’t a choice on this board).

Writing: Students will wrap up their draft copies on their  historical figure and complete their final copy this week. We will use these papers for our wax museum at the Garden Gala on May 2nd. Next week we will introduce opinion writing.

Grammar: Our mentor book for the week is Trouble With Trolls by Jan Brett. The focus of the lesson is quotation marks and adverbs. I couldn’t locate a good video of the book on Youtube.

Small Group Reading and Writing: This week in reading we are going to focus on words that end with ed and ing. In order to continue our use of suffixes from last week where we added s and es. Our spelling words with week will follow this rule adding ed and ing. In writing we are still working on our historical figure research paper, the kids are doing a great job and really enjoying getting to learn more about some of our historical figures. I am looking forward to a great week! Love, Ms. Dorsett

Math: We will continue our work with Fraction Bootcamp! We want to ensure our students have a deep understanding and knowledge of fractions. This past week, we reinforced the concept of “a whole”. Students recalled how to draw an improper fraction (6/3). This week, we will reinforce what it means when the denominator is 1. We will also practice previously learned skills such as addition and subtraction with regrouping.

We will be working on animal adaptations this week. Students will learn how different animals have different adaptations in order to survive in their habitat.

Big Shanty SF Choice Board

March 6-10

Important Dates:

March 16th- Little Eagles chorus after school at 2:30

March 17th: Last day to  turn in Eagle Eyes for the nine weeks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           St. Patrick’s Day dance right after school!

March 23rd- Report Cards go home

March 24th- Eagle Awards, time to be announced

March 31st- House Party and Eagle Eye Party

Reading: Charlotte’s Web and The Chocolate Touch are continuing with their books clubs; Freckle Juice finished their book and selected Tonight on the Titanic for their new club book. We are greatly enjoying our clubs! Each club has questions on Edmodo, they can either answer online  or write the questions on paper and turn them in. We also have vocabulary based upon our club books and our mentor book Stellaluna. Students will receive the words on Monday along with a new choice board. Four choices are due on Friday, we will also have our assessments on Friday. The words are also on Spelling City, look for the title of your book club book. We will finish our remediation on standard RL3.3 and will continue working on standard RI3.9 in small group with the teacher and individually. The children have been taught a mnemonic device to help remember the difference between compare and contrast. We noticed that the word “pair” is in compare and when we look at our feet our “pair” of shoes look the same so compare is how things  are alike while contrast is how they are different.


Spelling City

Writing: We will be finishing up our research on our historical figures  and beginning our rough drafts this week. Their final copy will be used for the wax museum at the Garden Gala on May 2nd. They have been working with a partner and sharing their research with each other, they are really enjoying going more in depth with the historical figures we study in third grade.

Grammar: Our mentor text this week is Stellaluna, a wonderful book about a baby bat. We are using the book for our mentor sentence as well as during reading. There is a video of the book being read aloud on Edmodo so the children can revisit it as often as they please. One of the children told another teacher in the building that we do seventh grade work in our class, he added that they make 3’s on their work which is impressive. I said it was obviously working to improve our vocabulary since he had used the word impressive!

Math: This week in math we will begin “Fraction Bootcamp”! We will give an informal (not for a grade) quiz. This will help us target which student needs help on which concepts. We will be focusing on a few “big ideas”: 1) The “whole”. It’s imperative for our 3rd graders to understand the concept of a whole. A fraction’s denominator tells the number of pieces in one whole. 2) 3/1 versus 1/3. Students are learning about improper fractions. 3/1 is greater than one whole because there is one piece in the whole, and we have three of those pieces. 1/3 is less than one whole because there are three pieces and we only have one of them. 3) If students are given a picture of a fraction, they need to be able to write the corresponding numerical fraction and vice-versa. Here are some videos to help. They are great for your child to watch. Continue with multiplication math facts choice board for homework!

Science: This week students will be doing an exploratory lesson on animal adaptations and habitat. We touched on this earlier in the school year. Students will be given different “bird beaks”, different “habitats” and different “food” for the birds. Students will use the beak to pick up food. Certain beaks will naturally lend themselves to certain food. Why is this so? Students will travel to different “habitats” experimenting with the different bird beaks.

Small Group Reading and Writing: This week in reading we are going to continue to work on FUNDATIONS and improving our reading skills and fluency. We will have spelling words this week. Our words are pans, huffs, locks, quits, dresses, benches, boxes, crashes, boxes, crashes, wishes, squishes. All these words are base words that have suffixes either s or es added. In writing we are going to work on answering constructed response questions and extended response questions. These are the types of written responses that we will find on our end of the year test, practice, practice, practice. Ask your child about restating the question, we have been working really hard on restating the question before we answer. If you ask your child about restating the question and they tell you, send me a note with your signature and I will have a prize for them!! Let’s have a great week, Love Ms. Dorsett


Specials for the Week:

Monday: STEM

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: PE, wear sneakers

Friday: Health, wear sneakers