Last few days of school

It’s hard to believe that we have one full day and two half days of school left. Where did the time go? I guess the old adage is correct, time flies when you’re having fun.

At this point teachers don’t have any information regarding retaking the Milestone. If anything comes in after this post I will immediately email everyone with the update.

Monday morning at 8 am is the entire third grade Eagle Awards. If your child is receiving an award an invitation was sent home last week.

Classes will be eating in the classroom for the last three days. Since  we  may be doing retakes for the Milestone on Tuesday and Wednesday we have been asked that no visitors come for lunch on either of these days. We will be under the same guidelines as when we took it in April, classes will remain in their rooms, bathroom breaks will be monitored and no outside activities.

The children have cleaned out their cubbies, extra supplies and their journals for the year should have come home last week. They only need to bring their expandable (in case they want to keep any activities we have planned) and a snack. Speaking of expandables, I hope they have their cursive writing sheets in them. They have made great progress! I asked them to keep the forms so they can practice cursive over the summer on rainy days.

Thank you for letting us have your children this year, we had the best students in third grade!