April 17-21


We will begin Milestone testing on Wednesday, April 19th. Students who arrive after 8am will not be allowed to enter the classroom, they will remain in the cafeteria and will take a makeup test at a later date. Please ensure your child eats breakfast containing protein either at home or at school. The sessions aren’t broken into smaller sections, we have one long section each day. We will have snack as soon as the session ends and testing materials have been returned. We will be having a shortened specials each day, the schedule is listed below, and lunch at our regular time.

We are having our final STEM day on April 28th, it is also the day for our “inspection” to see if we will be certified a STEM school! If you can possibly donate any supplies we will be forever grateful.  The link to the list is below.

Supply Request Flyer for Blogs

May 2nd- The first annual Big Shanty Garden Gala from 6-8pm! We are excited to show off what our children have  been doing this year. Mrs. Brooks, Ms. Dorsett, Mrs. Mohammed and Mrs. Wilkes are thrilled to help our students with a wax museum. The students will dress up as one of the historical figures we studied, the children wrote papers on a favorite historical fiction and will present the information at the Garden Gala. Please don’t spend a lot of money on a costume, look around your house for items that can be recycled and prowl the thrift stores. Below is a photo of my son dressed for his fourth grade wax museum (on the far left, the black wig and white pants). We spent less than $10 on the costume, the “boots” are slippers with soccer socks, the pants are baseball pants (all lying around the house). The jacket is one of my old ones, we bought a yard of red fabric that we glued on along with the gold braid. The wig came from Party City. I think he looks great and it cost less than $10! Please let Mrs. Brooks know as soon as possible if your child is going to participate in the wax museum, we are scheduled from 6:15-6:45 (I think), it is an early time so the kids can go and enjoy the rest of the gala and get to bed on time. So far we only have two confirmations, thank you Anthony and Alyssa! We need some more historical figures please!

Language Arts- Due to the shortened time this week we will only be having reading, students will continue to work on their group animal project.


Monday- PE, wear sneakers

Tuesday- Health, wear sneakers

Wednesday- STEM

Thursday- Art

Friday- Music


Small Group Reading and Writing: This week in small group reading and writing we will have shortened time together because of testing. When we are together we will do some fun activities in our reading and writing time. Good luck to you all, you’ve got this! Love, Ms. Dorsett


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