April 10-14

Important Dates:

April 19th: Milestone testing begins. Please ensure your child is at school and in their homeroom before 8 am. Students who arrive to the classroom after 8 am will not be allowed to enter due to the testing. They will remain in the cafeteria until testing concludes and will be administered a makeup test at a later date.

April 26th: Progress reports go home

April 28th: STEM/Career Day; Big Shanty Carnival

TESTING INFORMATION: We will be administering the Milestone assessment from April 19th through April 25th. Our specials schedule will be different and possibly our lunch schedule could also change. The test will be administered beginning at 8 am each morning, there are different times for each test but we hope to be finished by 11 am each day.

We sent home a flyer in Thursday folders that said if you wanted to send in notes of encouragement for testing day you can put them in an envelope or a bag with your child’s name on it. We will put them at their seat each day of testing. You can send the notes in at any time. 

Please make sure your child eats a breakfast with protein at home or at school. The protein “sticks” with them longer so they don’t get hungry during the test. We will have snack as soon as testing finishes each day.

Cell phones, smart watches, or other electronic devices are not allowed and must be left in backpacks or collected by the teacher during End of Grade Testing April 19 – April 25. Fifth grade will test through April 28th.

We have a new thing for students, a bird cam! We have a bluebird nest with eggs in it that can be viewed any time. Just click on the following link and you can see a live feed. At last count there were SIX eggs in the nest.

Bird Cam

Language Arts: We are going to continue our Milestone writing practice until the test during writing class. For reading we are going to learn how to combine our information for a non-fiction topic into cohesive paragraphs on Monday and then on Tuesday the students are going to practice with the information they have gathered on their group animal. Beginning Wednesday we are going to have some lessons about standardized testing. Hopefully it will alleviate some nerves about the test.

Small Group Reading and Writing: Welcome back! I have missed everyone so, I am looking forward to a great week of learning. This week in reading we are going to again focus on digraphs and blends. The following will be our spelling words this week spin, stuff, press, pinch, brag, chunks, hang, blocks, vest, camps. In writing we will continue to work on the RACE strategy where we restate the question before we begin writing. We are also talking about and practicing for the upcoming milestone testing. Love, Ms. Dorsett

Math: In math, students will begin learning about quadrilaterals. A quadrilateral has 4 sides and 4 angles. We will learn about the specific types of quadrilaterals as well- squares, rectangles, parallelograms, etc. Students will learn that a square is always a rectangle, but a rectangle isn’t a square! (Tongue twister.) We will also continue reviewing previously taught concepts in order to help prepare students for the milestones. Reviewing these concepts daily ensure retention of the critical skills students will need in later grades!

Specials for the Week:

Monday: PE, wear sneakers

Tuesday: Health, wear sneakers

Wednesday: STEM

Thursday: Art

Friday: Music


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