March 13-17

Green team won the Penny Wars! Thank you for your participation, the kids truly loved it.

Important Dates:

Green Week: Students received a copy of the daily activities on Friday, in case they misplaced it, here is another copy.

Monday, March 13th- Bring a reusable water bottle and get a homework pass

Tuesday, March 14th- Wear green.                                                                                                             Library day for third grade. Students need to arrive at school by 7:35 in order to have time to select and check out a book before the first bell at 7:45.

Wednesday, March 15th- bring a grocery bag to tie to a belt loop, students will collect all their garbage for the day in the bag. Yearbook orders are due, $35. There may be a limited amount available later for $40, cash only, when they are delivered.

Thursday, March 16th- wear a hat made of recycled material. Little Eagles Chorus after school. Students can be picked up in front of the school or registered students may attend ASP.

Friday, March 17th- students will us a milk carton from lunch to use as a planter for seeds.                ST. PATRICK’S DAY DANCE, right after school. Students must have signed permission form to attend. Pickup will be at 3:30 in the front of the school or registered students may go to ASP.                             Last day to turn in Eagle Eyes for the nine weeks.

Tuesday, March 21st-All club pictures will be made at school. If your child is a member of a club they need to wear their club shirt (if they have one).

Thursday, March 23rd- Report cards go home

Friday, March 24th- Eagle Awards

Cobb county is hosting a competition called Kidtalk, students submit a video where they tell about an idea to change the world. It is open to all Cobb County students. Please click on the below link to go to the flyer for more information.

KiDtalk Only Flyer 17

On Thursday students received a personal code to register for the school read-a-thon. Below is a video to give more information. Thank you for your support!

Reading: The Chocolate Touch will finish the book this week, I wonder what they will choose as their new book? Our book clubs have been a really fun time for the students and teachers. The discussion questions for the chapters we will complete this week are on Edmodo.


We are continuing with comparing and contrasting and started adding in cause/effect last week. We’ve discussed how in a book cause/effect is similar to a chain. BEcause one thing occurred, it had an effect on something else, which then had an effect and so on. We introduced the concept on Friday and they did a wonderful job using cause/effect throughout Stellaluna.

Last week to turn in Eagle Eyes for the nine weeks!

Vocabulary this week is from our mentor book Trouble With Trolls and the individual book club books. They received a new choice board last Monday, as usual four choices are due on Friday and we will take the assessment then. The words are NOT on Spelling City this week, all choices  must be from the board (Spelling City isn’t a choice on this board).

Writing: Students will wrap up their draft copies on their  historical figure and complete their final copy this week. We will use these papers for our wax museum at the Garden Gala on May 2nd. Next week we will introduce opinion writing.

Grammar: Our mentor book for the week is Trouble With Trolls by Jan Brett. The focus of the lesson is quotation marks and adverbs. I couldn’t locate a good video of the book on Youtube.

Small Group Reading and Writing: This week in reading we are going to focus on words that end with ed and ing. In order to continue our use of suffixes from last week where we added s and es. Our spelling words with week will follow this rule adding ed and ing. In writing we are still working on our historical figure research paper, the kids are doing a great job and really enjoying getting to learn more about some of our historical figures. I am looking forward to a great week! Love, Ms. Dorsett

Math: We will continue our work with Fraction Bootcamp! We want to ensure our students have a deep understanding and knowledge of fractions. This past week, we reinforced the concept of “a whole”. Students recalled how to draw an improper fraction (6/3). This week, we will reinforce what it means when the denominator is 1. We will also practice previously learned skills such as addition and subtraction with regrouping.

We will be working on animal adaptations this week. Students will learn how different animals have different adaptations in order to survive in their habitat.

Big Shanty SF Choice Board

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