March 6-10

Important Dates:

March 16th- Little Eagles chorus after school at 2:30

March 17th: Last day to  turn in Eagle Eyes for the nine weeks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           St. Patrick’s Day dance right after school!

March 23rd- Report Cards go home

March 24th- Eagle Awards, time to be announced

March 31st- House Party and Eagle Eye Party

Reading: Charlotte’s Web and The Chocolate Touch are continuing with their books clubs; Freckle Juice finished their book and selected Tonight on the Titanic for their new club book. We are greatly enjoying our clubs! Each club has questions on Edmodo, they can either answer online  or write the questions on paper and turn them in. We also have vocabulary based upon our club books and our mentor book Stellaluna. Students will receive the words on Monday along with a new choice board. Four choices are due on Friday, we will also have our assessments on Friday. The words are also on Spelling City, look for the title of your book club book. We will finish our remediation on standard RL3.3 and will continue working on standard RI3.9 in small group with the teacher and individually. The children have been taught a mnemonic device to help remember the difference between compare and contrast. We noticed that the word “pair” is in compare and when we look at our feet our “pair” of shoes look the same so compare is how things  are alike while contrast is how they are different.


Spelling City

Writing: We will be finishing up our research on our historical figures  and beginning our rough drafts this week. Their final copy will be used for the wax museum at the Garden Gala on May 2nd. They have been working with a partner and sharing their research with each other, they are really enjoying going more in depth with the historical figures we study in third grade.

Grammar: Our mentor text this week is Stellaluna, a wonderful book about a baby bat. We are using the book for our mentor sentence as well as during reading. There is a video of the book being read aloud on Edmodo so the children can revisit it as often as they please. One of the children told another teacher in the building that we do seventh grade work in our class, he added that they make 3’s on their work which is impressive. I said it was obviously working to improve our vocabulary since he had used the word impressive!

Math: This week in math we will begin “Fraction Bootcamp”! We will give an informal (not for a grade) quiz. This will help us target which student needs help on which concepts. We will be focusing on a few “big ideas”: 1) The “whole”. It’s imperative for our 3rd graders to understand the concept of a whole. A fraction’s denominator tells the number of pieces in one whole. 2) 3/1 versus 1/3. Students are learning about improper fractions. 3/1 is greater than one whole because there is one piece in the whole, and we have three of those pieces. 1/3 is less than one whole because there are three pieces and we only have one of them. 3) If students are given a picture of a fraction, they need to be able to write the corresponding numerical fraction and vice-versa. Here are some videos to help. They are great for your child to watch. Continue with multiplication math facts choice board for homework!

Science: This week students will be doing an exploratory lesson on animal adaptations and habitat. We touched on this earlier in the school year. Students will be given different “bird beaks”, different “habitats” and different “food” for the birds. Students will use the beak to pick up food. Certain beaks will naturally lend themselves to certain food. Why is this so? Students will travel to different “habitats” experimenting with the different bird beaks.

Small Group Reading and Writing: This week in reading we are going to continue to work on FUNDATIONS and improving our reading skills and fluency. We will have spelling words this week. Our words are pans, huffs, locks, quits, dresses, benches, boxes, crashes, boxes, crashes, wishes, squishes. All these words are base words that have suffixes either s or es added. In writing we are going to work on answering constructed response questions and extended response questions. These are the types of written responses that we will find on our end of the year test, practice, practice, practice. Ask your child about restating the question, we have been working really hard on restating the question before we answer. If you ask your child about restating the question and they tell you, send me a note with your signature and I will have a prize for them!! Let’s have a great week, Love Ms. Dorsett


Specials for the Week:

Monday: STEM

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: PE, wear sneakers

Friday: Health, wear sneakers


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