February 27-March 3

We hope everyone is rested up and ready to work! Mrs. Brooks moved across the county to a new house during the break and needs another break to recover.

Important Dates:

March 2nd- Read Across America Day, the school will have a variety of activities throughout the day. Little Eagle chorus will also begin at 2:30 after school.

March 3rd- School Talent Show 6:30 pm. There might be a teacher surprise!

March 17th- Last day to turn in Eagle Eyes for the Eagle Eye party.

March 23rd Report cards go home.

March 24th- Eagle Awards

Reading: We finished Because of Winn-Dixie and watched the movie before the break. As we watched the movie the children were commenting about the differences between the movie and the book and were excited to see how the characters were portrayed. We will be continuing with our book club books, our vocabulary will be coming from the books and  will be different for each group. Since we had the break we didn’t give the vocabulary words on Friday, they will receive them on Monday. The words are on spelling city. We are scheduled for a “book tasting” on Thursday, Read Across America Day, in the learning commons. The children will rotate around tables and “taste” books of different genres to broaden their horizons.

Spelling City

We will be focusing on standards RL9 and RI9, comparing and contrasting two texts. Some of the students will work in small group with the teacher for remediation on standard RL3, character studies. There are questions for each book on Edmodo, students may either type their answers on Edmodo or may handwrite their answers and turn in.


Most of the children have a Eagle Eye due on Monday, they were verbally told several times before the break if they had one due, I honestly can’t remember if we wrote a list on the board so they also had a written reminder.

Writing: Whew, it came down to the wire but we finished our animal papers! This week the children will select one of the historical figures we study in Social Studies to do further research. Hopefully several will be inspired to dress up as their character for a “wax museum” during the Garden Gala. We are scheduled to use the computer lab on Friday for our research and will also check out books from the learning commons and use classroom books.

Grammar: Our mentor book this week is Junkyard Wonders by Patricia Polacco. She is one of our favorite children’s authors. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a good video reading of the book to post to Edmodo.

Small group Reading and Writing: This week in reading we are going to focus on words with glued sounds ung, unk, ong, ink. Our words this week are lung, sung, junk, flunk, shrunk, song, long, pink, blink, glass. During writing we are going to work on writing using the RACE strategy where we restate the question before we start writing. I am looking forward to a great week. Love, Ms. Dorsett

Specials for the Week:

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: PE, wear tennis shoes

Thursday: Health, wear tennis shoes

February 13-17

STEM day was quite the success! Each student participated in a quiz to see what type of engineer position would be interesting for them. We had a variety within the class and shared what the different jobs covered. Thank you to everyone who sent supplies for the day!

Important Dates:

February 14th- Progress reports due. Students who have a one in an academic area will receive a progress report. Classroom Valentines! Students will decorate a bag during Eagle Time and will exchange Valentine’s at the end of the day. The list of names was sent home last Monday, if you need another one please let Mrs. Brooks or Mrs. Mohammed know before school lets out on Monday.

February 13-17– Hoops for Hearts fundraiser is due.

February 20-24- NO SCHOOL, February break.

Reading- We will finish Because of Winn-Dixie this week. On Friday the students will watch the movie so we can compare/contrast the book with the movie. The last discussion questions are on Edmodo. We have our last vocabulary from Because of Winn Dixie this week. The words are on spelling city. When we return from the break the vocabulary words will come from their book club books. We will continue with reading standards RI9 and RL9 with comparing/contrasting two different reading passages. Students who need remediation for standard RL3 will meet with the teacher in small group. Eagle Eyes are due on Monday.


spelling city

Writing- We will finish our informative writing on animals native to Georgia this week. Final copies are due on Thursday. When we return from the  break students will begin researching a historical figure that we cover in social studies. These papers will be used during our Garden Gala in May.

Grammar- We will be reading Olive My Love this week to go along with Valentines Day. They continue to impress with how quickly they are grasping the concepts. Their speed when we ask for certain parts of speech within the sentence has increased, they are also remembering the different parts faster. They are beginning to go back on their own in their writing looking to replace $2 words with $5 or $10 words.

Math: We finished comparing fractions with like denominators. We also reviewed the concepts of comparing fractions in relation to one whole. This week we will begin measurement! Students will practice measuring different objects to the nearest inch, half-inch, and quarter-inch. At home, make sure students are practicing their math facts! Our goal is for all of our students to know all of their math facts by the end of 3rd grade!

Social Studies/Science: We concluded our study of Eleanor Roosevelt. The students loved learning about Eleanor and her life. They used the words: brave, kind, and thoughtful to describe her. We will conclude our study of the levels of government. Students are learning about the federal government, state government, and city governments. Later in the week, we will begin learning about the different regions of Georgia.

Small Group Reading and Writing- This week in small group we will be working on more glued sounds for spelling, (ost, old, ild, ind). These are our spelling words for this week lost, host, most, bold, cold, child, mild, bind, find, blind.  We are practicing finding the main idea and writing about it as we are reading and writing. This week in writing we are going to write about valentines day and who we love.  We are continuing to practice the RACE strategy to restate the question when we are writing.

Specials for the Week:

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: PE, wear sneakers

Thursday: Health, wear sneakers

Friday: STEM

February 6-10

Important Dates:

February 6th-10th– BOOK FAIR in the learning commons. Students who bring money in will be able to go the book fair during Eagle Time. There is no library checkout during the book fair.

February 7th– School Store is open between 7:15-7:45. Students MUST arrive before 7:35 in order to have time to make their selections before the store closes.

February 8th- The entire third grade will watch a play about water conservation.

February 10th– Donuts with Dad at the book fair and STEM/Career Day. Thank you to everyone who has donated supplies for our school wide STEM day. Below is a list of items needed for STEM day. The shoe boxes can be cardboard or plastic.

Toothpicks Bubble Wrap
Modeling Clay Shoeboxes
Scotch Tape Working Christmas Lights
Masking Tape Balloons
Pipe Cleaners Small Plastic Cups
Scissors Fabric
Bottles of White Glue Construction Paper
Empty Water Bottles Cardstock
Rubber Bands Insulated Wire
D Batteries Wire Cutters

February 13th- Hoops for Hearts money is due this week.

February 14th- Progress reports go home. Students who currently have a 1 in an academic area will receive an academic alert.

February 20th-24th- NO SCHOOL

Reading Everyone received their new reading book club book this week. So far the children are all enjoying the selections. Everyone has read the first two chapters of their books and have answered discussion questions. The discussion questions are posted on Edmodo along with the Because of Winn-Dixie questions. We implemented a new policy for the discussion questions. Since typing is difficult for some of the children and extremely time consuming, they may also submit handwritten answers to the questions. They were reminded that the questions for Because of Winn-Dixie are posted on the Promethean before we read a chapter and we discuss the questions after reading the chapter. Many of them take notes as we read and discuss and have been turning in these notes saving a step. We are on target to finish Because of Winn-Dixie in time that we can watch the movie of the book on February 17th, the last day before the February break.

We are remediating the character standard in small group. We will finish up remediating and will have a snapshot assessment on Monday since we have STEM day on Friday.

This week has more vocabulary words than we had last week, the students were given the words on Friday, all the words are taken from the chapters we will be reading in Because of Winn-Dixie this week. They will use their choice board for the homework, our assessment will be on Thursday due to STEM day, they will have three homework choices due this week.

We do have Eagle Eyes due on Monday. Thank you parents, our percent of students turning in Eagle Eyes has greatly increased!

I have received notification from Scholastic that one book order will arrive Monday afternoon and the other will arrive on Tuesday afternoon. Thank you to everyone who ordered, we have a lot of students who ordered Because of Winn-Dixie and the individual book club books. Our next order will be placed on February 28th. I’ll look through the flyers and see if there are any $1 books available and let you know the titles.

Writing- We are furiously working on the draft copy of our Georgia animals. We hope to complete the final copy and picture before the February break so they can select the historical figure they wish to research. We will be using our historical figure papers for the wax museum at the Garden Gala in May. Student volunteers will dress up as their historical figure and provide information to the visitors. There will be more information to come on the Gala.

Grammar- We are very much enjoying our mentor sentences and our books. This week we will be reading The Paperboy by Dave Pilkey. Each week they get faster at answering the grammar questions, finding the parts of speech and replacing words with synonyms. I don’t even have to remind them to use a thesaurus if they aren’t sure about a synonym.

Small Group Reading and Writing: This week in reading we are going to focus on glued sounds of am, an, ang, ank, all. Our spelling words will follow these glued sounds. We will have 3 spelling activites due for homework on Thursday with an assessment due to STEM day Friday. In writing we are working hard on restating the question to begin our writing. We are doing a good job of using capital letters and punctuation. Let’s keep up the good work. I am looking forward to another great week with these awesome kids! Love, Ms. Dorsett

Math: This past week we explored how 2 fractions are considered equivalent if they are the same size in relation to the whole and if they occupy the same space on the number-line. We practiced drawing models of wholes as well as number-lines.

This week we will look at comparing fractions with like denominators using models and number-lines. Our focus is not only to have students correctly compare fractions but to be able to support their answer with a model. Below is one of the videos we will be viewing in class.

Please continue working with your child on learning their multiplication facts. This is one of the best ways you can prepare your child for fourth grade. Here is a fun rap for the 6s. These seem to be one of the tougher ones for the kids.

Social Studies: We will finish our study of Eleanor Roosevelt.   Below is one of the quotes we came across on our reading. The students were amazed at how Eleanor Roosevelt overcame her personal obstacles of a lonely childhood, becoming orphaned at an early age, and extreme shyness to become one of our most celebrated First Ladies.

Specials for the Week:

Monday- Art

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- PE, wear sneakers

Thursday- Health, wear sneakers

Friday- STEM