January 30-February 3

January 31st- Third grade checkout in learning commons. Children need to arrive before 7:30 in order to have time to select a book and checkout before 7:45.

February 3rd- Performing Arts in lieu of specials.

February 10th– STEM/Career Day. If you can possible donate any of the materials listed below we will be forever grateful. The children LOVE STEM day but it takes supplies for over 700 students in order to have the activities.

Toothpicks Bubble Wrap
Modeling Clay Shoeboxes
Scotch Tape Working Christmas Lights
Masking Tape Balloons
Pipe Cleaners Small Plastic Cups
Scissors Fabric
Bottles of White Glue Construction Paper
Empty Water Bottles Cardstock
Rubber Bands Insulated Wire
D Batteries Wire Cutters

Reading- We are well into Because of Winn-Dixie, the children amaze me with the details they remember from the story and how they are able to go beyond the words on the pages to describe the characters. They will be grouped into new reading clubs on Monday! There are three selections and children will be placed in a group based upon Lexile. Our books are Charlotte’s Web, The Chocolate Touch, and Freckle Juice. Charlotte’s Web is available from Scholastic for $1 and The Chocolate Touch is available for $3, Freckle Juice isn’t available at this time. If you would like to order a book for your child to keep at home you can email Mrs. Brooks at marcy.brooks@cobbk12.org to see which book your child is assigned. Amazon does have Freckle Juice but it is $5.99 for the book and $4.99 for the Kindle edition. We will have Edomodo questions on these books in addition to Winn-Dixie. We will finish Winn-Dixie before the February break, I hope to be able to show the movie before we go on the break. I have noticed that some of the students are not answering the questions in Edmodo or they are only answering some of the questions. If answering through Edmodo is too difficult they can submit their answers on paper. I will inform them of this option on Monday. We post the questions on the board before we read the chapter in class so they can copy the questions from the board.


Eagle Eyes are due on Monday, we had a long list of students that had one due, hopefully everyone listened and looked at the board to see if their name was posted.

Vocabulary words for chapters 10-12 were handed out on Friday. As usual, four squares on the choice menu are due on Friday and the assessment will be on Friday. They have been doing well with their assessments, hopefully they are utilizing their new words in their speaking and writing.

A Scholastic book order will be placed the morning of January 31st (Tuesday). If you wish to place an order you can go online and order or send in payment along with the paper order form that was sent home in Thursday folders. Our class code for Scholastic is NBX43.


Writing- Last week the children worked on a bold beginning for their animal paper. This week we will begin composing the body of the paper using the information they have gathered. They will work independently, in small groups and with the teacher to organize their information. We hope to finish the first draft this week so we can make corrections next week and publish. We would like for them to draw a picture of their animal so we can post them in the hallway with their writing. Their next assignment will be to select one of the people we study in Social Studies to do a research paper on them. We will use these papers for our wax museum during the Garden Gala in May.

Grammar- Our mentor text this week is The Rough Faced Girl. It is an Algonquin Indian version of the Cinderella story. The children are doing a wonderful job with the mentor sentences. Their skills using higher level synonyms increases each week. In reading, they will do a compare/contrast with The Rough Face Girl and a traditional Cinderella story. Below is a link to a Youtube video of the book being read aloud. I will also put the link on Edmodo.

Specials for the Week:

Monday- Music

Tuesday- PE (wear sneakers)

Wednesday- Health(wear sneakers)

Thursday- STEM

Friday- Performing Arts

Math: We continued our study of fractions by looking at wholes as fractions. Students made the connection that in a whole, the numerator and denominator are equal. Students then looked at models of more than 1 whole and interpreted them as fractions, noting that a fraction greater than a whole would have a numerator that is greater than the denominator. I am amazed at the connections they have been making and the high level of conceptual understanding they are demonstrating. We also began our exploration of number lines by plotting fractions on a number line. This really helped the students to see the relationship of fractions to a whole. They were able to see that a proper fraction is less than 1 because it has not yet reached 1 on the number line.

Social Studies: We continued learning about FDR and one of the greatest obstacles he had to overcome: paralysis. The students participated in a group activity in which they had to complete a task that required them to get information from their classmates, without leaving their chair. The students found it challenging and were able to make the connection to FDR and how difficult it would have been for him to run the country with a disability.

Small group reading and writing: This week in reading we are going to focus on sight words and writing silly sentences. Our spelling words this week are ant, brand, and, van, plan, bang, clang, sang, thank, drank. This week all of our words have the glued sound (an). Please talk with your child about their spelling words and help them with learn to read and spell these words. In writing this week we are continuing to work on our 5 minute quick write activity, the kids are doing so great writing for the time and coming up with neat stories. They love to share what they have written with the class. I love hearing them. We are going to read Tar Beach this week and use this mentor text to learn about life in the 1930’s. I am looking forward to a great week with these awesome kids. Love, Ms. Dorsett


January 23-27

If you have a few minutes to spare, please click on the link below to volunteer for the Book Fair. The proceeds from the fair are used to purchase books and technology for our students, it is the main source of funds for both of these important resources.

Book Fair signup

We really hate to start off with a “complaint”, but….30 of our 43 students had study hall on Friday, all for not completing homework. If there is a family emergency that interfers please let us know, we will work with you, otherwise we do expect them to turn in an Eagle Eye and complete math, vocabulary/spelling homework. Eagle Eyes are due on Monday, students are informed, at the latest, Friday morning if they have an Eagle Eye due. They are also reminded daily to work on Eagle Eyes during Eagle Time and to take forms home with them. They have a math choice board for their multiplication facts, they are also reminded to complete it, as well as it is written on the classroom agenda and is projected on the board for most of the day. Since the vocabulary words are new we have been giving them to students on Friday for extra study time. They use their choice menu to complete activities for homework, there are four activites due this week. If students go to System 44 they receive a spelling packet that contains activities, the completed packet is due on Friday. If you aren’t clear about your child’s homework please email Mrs. Mohammed, vaseem.mohammed@cobbk12.org with math science/ss questions and Mrs. Brooks marcy.brooks@cobbk12.org for reading, grammar, spelling questions.

School store is open Tuesday 7:15-7:45, students must arrive by 7:30 in order to be able to go to the store. They need time to select their item(s) and get “checked out” before 7:45.

January 31st- We will place a Scholastic book order the morning of January 31st. There are some great books in the latest flyers, they came home in Thursday folders and are available online. Our class code is NBX43.

Scholastic Book Orders

Reading- We are getting into our Because of Winn-Dixie! The children did a great job of answering questions on Edmodo last week. We only have two chapters this week and each chapter has two questions. We also have a Snapshot on Edmodo for the character standards we have been covering the past few weeks. Eagle Eyes are due on Monday. If your child forgot to bring home a form there is a link under pages where you can go and print a form. Vocabulary homework and spelling packets are due on Friday. We will have a vocabulary assessment and spelling assessment on Friday.

Writing- The children have spent the last couple of weeks gathering the information on their native Georgia animal. This week they will begin organizing it into paragraphs. We will work independently and in small groups to ensure they understand sequence and order. We have been doing small group lessons about putting information in correct order so it makes sense to our reader.

Grammar- I know everyone can hardly wait to find out the Mentor Text for the week. It will be……Tar Beach! The text goes along with our Social Studies time frame of the 1930’s. We will work on our mentor sentence in class together and students will have a tiny bit of homework each night. They are doing really well with their seventh grade work!

Math: This past week, we continued reinforcing fraction concepts such as the fact that all fractions can be looked at in terms of unit fractions. Unit fractions are the smallest fraction that can be made with any given denominator. In short, any fraction with 1 as the numerator can be a unit fraction. with any given denominator. For example, 3/4 = 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4. We also looked at fractions in relation to a whole. Using fraction tiles, students were able to determine that:

–a fraction with the same numerator and denominator is equal to 1

— a fraction wherein the numerator is less than the denominator is less than 1 whole

— a fraction wherein the numerator is less than the denominator is less than 1 whole

Social Studies: We will continue our study of historical figures with Franklin Delano Roosevelt. We will begin with a look at life in the 1930s to set the stage for the students of the America that FDR inherited. We will look at details of his life, the obstacles he had to overcome, and the the contributions he made to society. Please ask your students about the historical figures we have been studying. You may be surprised at how much they know!

Small Group Reading and Writing: In small group reading we have spelling words this week our words are focused on the glued sound (am)  all the words have the glued sound am in the word. Please help your child study for the spelling test on Friday and help them complete their spelling homework each night.  Our spelling words are champ,stamp, cramp, slam, lamp, cram, wham, swam, Pam, ham. In writing, we are going to work on the mentor text Enemy Pie. We are continuing to research and we will begin writing about our Georgia animals soon.



Specials for the Week:

Monday– Music

Tuesday- PE (wear sneakers)

Wednesday-Health (wear sneakers)

Thursday- STEM

Friday- Art

January 17-20

Important Dates:

January 17th- Bring library books, check out between 7:15-7:45, students must arrive by 7:30 in order to have time to get the media center and select a book before 7:45.

January 24th– School store

Reading- We started reading Because of Winn-Dixie, we have read through chapter 4 and will read chapters 5-7 this week. We are really enjoying the book, unfortunately we don’t have copies the students can take home. Amazon has Kindle editions for $5.38 and paperback copies for $5.70 if you would like a copy for home. The Cobb County Library has copies available in book and electronic format. The book is excellent for our focus standard of characters, it has a strong main character and strong supporting characters. The plot of the book affects the characters as well as their actions affect the plot. Questions from the chapters will be coming through Edmodo. Last week I put the questions on the board and we read them aloud before reading the chapter. We discussed that the children should be listening for the answers and make notes as I read the chapter aloud. After reading we then discussed the chapters and the correct answers. The children were instructed to place their notes in their expandable folders and type their answers into Edmodo at home (if possible). It takes them a while to type and Edmodo doesn’t allow them to save and return later so typing at home seems to be the best option. If they don’t finish typing their answer we have discovered they can finish typing in the comments section or do a revision of their answers.


Amazon link for Winn-Dixie

The students were given a copy of the vocabulary words on Friday so they would have extra time to study them. 5-7 of Because of Winn-Dixie. The words came chapters Unfortunately several students left their’s lying around the room. As they were passed out each child was told specifically to put the paper straight in their expandable folder, at least eight copies were found Friday afternoon. We will have a vocabulary assessment on Friday, it will be in matching format. They will have three homeworks due on Friday, they have a choice menu and the words are on Spelling City.

Spelling City

Most of the children have an Eagle Eye due on Tuesday. We have new forms available in the classroom, the learning commons and online. We have gone over the forms in class and discussed the changes.

Writing- Our standard for the nine weeks is informational writing. Last week students used a graphic organizer to begin collecting information regarding their Georgia animal of choice. We discussed that for their first informative writing project we would use a boxes and bullets format as it is simple to use and organize. When they write their paper on a historical figure we will discuss other ways to organize our information and select the format they are most comfortable using. This week they will begin organizing their information into paragraphs as they form a draft paper. Students will meet with the teacher for extra support in gathering and organizing their data.

Grammar- The mentor sentence was a success last week! The children are super excited about our “seventh” grade work. This week our mentor text is Enemy Pie. We will again lift one sentence from the book and will manipulate it each day to help improve our writing skills. On Friday we do have an assessment with the sentence to check our skills. Our focus standard will be adjectives, the children will practice in class adding adjectives to our sentences in writing. They will have a small amount of homework with their sentence each night, they will use the back of the page from last week’s work. These are skills they are just learning, we don’t expect them to be perfect but they should try the homework. We will discuss in class each day what is expected for that night’s homework and will go over the homework the next morning.

Small Group Reading and Writing- This week in our small group we will have spelling words, please help your child study for our test on Friday. We are going to be learning about vowel teams and practicing using them in class. We are going to continue our work with mentor sentences and we will use the mentor text Verdi to support our learning this week.  In writing, we are going to begin looking at informational writing, we will choose a native Georgia animal and we will then research our animal. We are continuing to do a 5 minute quick write each  day so that we have practice with  “just writing”. The kids are doing a great job and I always enjoy when  we share our writing with each other. Love, Ms. Dorsett

Math: Our focus this week is to understand that fractions are more than the shaded or un-shaded part of a shape. We want students to understand fractions as a part/ whole relationship, even when there is no shading involved. We will continue our study of fractions by composing and decomposing fractions using fraction tiles and fraction circles so that students can see for themselves that 3/4 is equal to three 1/4 pieces. We will also explore wholes by looking at the part to whole relationship in 1 whole regardless of the number of pieces in the whole. We will then begin looking at unit fractions and the three ways they can be represented: as a set, as a whole, and on the number-line.

Here is a song that reinforces the concepts we worked on this past week.

Social Studies: We continued reading and discussing the life of Mary McLeod Bethune. Students were fascinated to hear about how Bethune’s determination helped her to overcome many obstacles to help educate African American children.


Specials for the Week:

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Health

Thursday: STEM

Friday: Art

January 5th-13th

Important Dates:

Friday- January 6th Eagle Awards, 9:50 for Mohammed’s homeroom and 10:40 for Brooks’ homeroom. Invitations were sent home before the break. Congratulations to all our Gold and Blue Eagles and our Most Improved students!

January 13th- Eagle Eye and House parties. Congratulations to all our students who went above and beyond to be able to attend the Eagle Eye party. It isn’t easy to get 16 points in a 9 weeks but we have 8 students attending the party!!

January 16th– NO SCHOOL


Reading: We have new Eagle Eyes forms for the semester! We will go over the forms in class, an Eagle Eye is not due on Monday.  We will be starting a reading club, all the students will be reading Because of Winn-Dixie in class, teacher will be reading it aloud. They will answer comprehension questions on the chapters through Edmodo. Instead of spelling words we will have vocabulary words, students will still use a choice menu for homework but will have a vocabulary test on Friday instead of a spelling test. Students who attend System 44 will receive alternate spelling words and homework assignments. Our primary standards focus will be character, we will study how the character’s actions affect the plot, how the plot affects the character, identifying with a character, how supporting characters help the story line, etc.

Writing: Our writing focus is primarily informational this 9 weeks. We will study how to research and compile a written text on a selected topic. We will do the first research on an animal native to Georgia and their second one will be on a person we study in Social Studies. We will begin by discussing different methods for organizing information on our topic.

Grammar: We are excited to introduce a new area of study for grammar…Mentor Sentences! We select a sentence from a mentor text and the children spend the week working on the sentence, they will identify the type of sentence, parts of speech, rewrite the sentence and compose a sentence of their own in the same style as the mentor sentence. Students who remain with Mrs. Brooks during reading will also work with the mentor text during independent reading. There is a little homework that goes along with the program, we ask that the children try the homework, we will go over it in detail in class to explain what is needed. Our first text is Verdi, a tale about a snake.

Small Group Reading and Writing: We have new Eagle Eyes forms for the semester! We will go over the forms in class, an Eagle Eye is not due on Monday. We are excited to introduce a new area of study for grammar…Mentor Sentences! This week we will read The Snowy Day and our mentor sentence will go along with this text. We will identify the parts of speech of the sentence, rewrite the sentence and compose a sentence of our own in the same style as the mentor sentence. We are going to review words in Reading that have digraphs and have bonus letters. Please help your child by asking them what are digraphs and what are bonus letters? In writing we will write about our New Year resolutions and our goals for the new year.  Please make sure your child is prepared for class everyday by signing their agenda, making sure that homework is done, and seeing that they have two pencils for school everyday. Thank you so much for your help and  support. I can’t wait to get back this week and see everyone, I have missed you all so! Love, Ms. Dorsett

Math: In Math, we will begin our unit on fractions, starting with fractions as part of a set and moving to fractions as a part of a whole. Our goal is to have students understand that a fraction is a relationship between a part and its whole, whether the whole is a group or one whole object separated into parts. Once students are able to name fractions of both types and draw corresponding drawings for given fractions, we will begin looking closely at unit fractions (fractions with a numerator of 1).

Social Studies: We will continue our study of historical figures with Mary McLeod Bethune, focusing on she used her education, community organizational skills, and resources to help African Americans have greater access to education and job training. We will also discuss the obstacles she faced.



Friday- Music

Monday- PE, please wear tennis shoes

Tuesday- Health, please wear tennis shoes

Wednesday- STEM

Thursday- Art

Friday- Music