December 12th- December 16th

Important Dates:

December 13th- School store will be open from 7:15-7:50. Students need to arrive by 7:30 in order to have time to go through the store.

December 16th- The PTA pizza party for Mrs. Brooks’ homeroom will be during regular lunch. The students will eat in the room and watch a video.

December 21st- Class parties will be from 8:00-9:40 am. The students will then have a sing along in the gym and we will watch holiday themed movies in the classrooms.


Reminders: Please make sure your children are dressed appropriately for the weather. If the temperature permits, we do try to take the kids outside.

Math: In Math this week, we looked at different ways to organize data in the form of a graph, specifically a bar graph and a pictograph. We collected data on class favorites through a survey and then used them to create graphs. We also talked about how a bar or pictorial representation on a graph can represent more than one unit.

Social Studies: We learned about Frederick Douglass this past week. We discussed how he was born a slave but eventually escaped to freedom through the Underground Railroad and became an abolitionist, using his words as a weapon to fight against slavery! The students made the connection that he and Susan B. Anthony worked together to further the women’s suffrage movement. The kids thought it was amazing that the two activists supported each other. Ask your children to share what they know about this determined and diligent man. You will be amazed at how much they know!

Reading: Students will finish up their latest biography and write a short synopsis on Edmodo. We will begin our Sharing Through the Seasons! The children will decorate a bag to hold all their souvenirs from the different stories. I think the adults are as excited as the children! We will NOT have spelling this week due to our sharing time. Eagle Eyes are due on Monday, December 21st is the last day to accept them for this 9 weeks. We have several children very close to making the Learning Commons party for going above and beyond, keep up the good work! Last nine weeks we had more children attend the party than any other third grade team, let’s have even more this nine weeks!!

Writing: We will finish our current narrative and begin presenting Sharing Through the Seasons!

Small Group Reading and Writing: This week in our small group reading and writing class we are going to have spelling words. These are mostly review words with several new glued sounds. Please help your child study and learn to spell these words and to recognize these patterns. The spelling  words are bold, wind, bolt, host, child, crib, chill, gruff, flung, blank. It is almost our winter break but we do have eight more days, lets really make them count. We are going to work hard and learn  a lot over this next week and a half. Love, Ms. Dorsett

Specials for the Week:

Monday- STEM


Wednesday- Music

Thursday- PE (wear sneakers)

Friday- NO specials (fifth grade SOAR)


December 5th-9th

Hard to believe there is only 2 1/2 weeks until the winter break!  We do have some upcoming events listed below

December 6th– Big Shanty night at the new Menchie’s from 6-8 pm. The Big Shanty drummers will be performing.

December 16th- Mrs. Brooks class will have the PTA pizza party during lunch to celebrate bringing in 510 canned goods!

December 21st- Class parties at 8am, school singalong ata 9:40 and movie day. Whew! Students may wear pajamas to school for the party. Thank you to everyone who has signed up to bring something to the party. The link to the signup genius for Mrs. Brooks is below.

We have a new policy for parents coming to eat lunch with their child. We will have two “special” areas set up for parents to eat with their child and one special friend (if they wish to invite a friend). 

Mrs. Brooks signup genius

Reading: The students enjoyed selecting a biography and reading it last week, we will select another one this week. We will continue to work on locating information within a nonfiction text and using nonfiction features to help locate information. We even have a reading passage about reindeer! Students also have an Edmodo snapshot on standards RI7 and RI8 to complete. An Eagle Eye is due on Monday, most students have already turned in one. We have another student who has earned 16 points and will be attending the Learning Commons celebration, our total is now 6 students attending! We have several students that are near the mark, please keep reading and completing Eagle Eye forms!


Spelling: We have new spelling words this week, students will use the same choice menu for their homework. As usual, four different homework choices are due on Friday when we have the assessment.

Spelling City

Writing: Hopefully we are nearing the end of our writing piece. Students are finishing their drafts, editing their own writing and editing a partner’s writing before they begin their final copy.

Math: We have finished our unit on area and perimeter and will begin our unit on graphing. We will use student data from surveys to graph class favorites. We will continue with the Choice Board as Math Homework for the week. Please work with your kids to learn their math facts. Instant recall of math facts is critical for success in Math.

Science: This past week we talked about weathering and erosion, We created chants to remember that weathweathering-erosionering is the process of breaking down and erosion is the  process of taking or moving away. We created models of these processes using sand and soil and noted how water, wind, and ice can cause both weathering and erosion.

Social Studies: This week we will talk about Frederick Douglass and his contributions to our nations struggle for equality.

Small Group Reading and Writing: This week in our small group reading and writing we will continue our work with FUNDATIONS a phonics based program. We will have spelling words that will follow some of the rules we have already learned. Those rules are digraphs, bonus letters, and glued sounds. Be sure to ask your child to tell you about these rules. In writing we are going to do a lot of writing about the Holiday’s including topics like snowmen, reindeer, elves, Santa and more. I know we are going to have a great week! I can’t wait, Love, Ms. Dorsett

Specials for the Week:

Monday– Art

Tuesday– Music

Wednesday– PE (wear sneakers)

Thursday– Health (wear sneakers)

Friday– SOAR (three specials, wear sneakers)