November 28th- December 2nd

Important Dates:

November 29th- Learning Commons checkout during Eagle Time. Students who arrive before 7:30 will be able to go to the Learning Commons and get new library books.

December 2nd- Giving Tree items due. If you would like to purchase a gift for a needy child or their siblings here at Big Shanty we have a tree in the lobby containing tags with a needed item. If you aren’t able to come in to the school to get a tag let Mrs. Brooks or Mrs. Mohammed know you would like to contribute and your child will be sent to the lobby to select a tag. Please return the tag along with the gift.

December 10th- We will place our last Scholastic order before the winter break. Some flyers came home before Thanksgiving break and there are some more coming home Thursday. If you wish to place an order you can return the paper order form along with a check or cash for the amount (no tax or shipping is charged) or you may go online to Scholastic and place an order online with a debit or credit card. Our class code is NBX43. The books are shipped to school and will be distributed to students when they arrive.

Scholastic book orders


We are continuing the focus on non-fiction text this grading period. The students will begin focusing on biographies and non-fiction text that is written more as a narrative. They will work in small group with Mrs. Brooks on locating details in non-fiction writing and will independently complete a snapshot on Edmodo for standards RL5 and RI5. They will work independently on a variety of assignments using non-fiction text features. They will receive a new spelling list on Monday, we are continuing with our “words all third grade students need to know” so the list will not be leveled. Students will also receive a new homework choice menu. We will use this menu until the winter break. Four selections from the board will be due on Friday, the same day as the assessment. Students are encouraged to take the practice quiz on Spelling City. If your students does Spelling City for one of their homeworks please make a note in their agenda that they visited Spelling City.


Students will continue working on their second story. They have editing checklists in order to check their own or their partners work. Students will confer with teacher after they have utilized their checklist and their partner has checked their story.


We will continue our study of idioms utilizing a Promethean flipchart and reading aloud books specific for idioms. Students will take an idiom comprehension assessment on Friday. On Monday students will receive information regarding Sharing Through the Seasons. Children will select a holiday book to read aloud to the class. Their book may be on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Bodhi Day, Kwanzaa or any other religious event celebrated during November, December or January. They will need to practice reading their book at home so they are fluid and accurate when they read aloud to the class. They need to be able to finish the book in 15 minutes and should bring a small item related to the book. They can make or purchase something related to the book but it should be inexpensive. They will also receive a packet to complete on their book, they will need to provide information and develop five questions from their book. They will be able to write their report or they may type it into a word document or Powerpoint. The information coming home is detailed regarding the requirements. We will begin presenting our books on December 12th, to make it fair Mrs. Brooks will “draw sticks” in each class to assign students a date that their book is due. This project covers several standards for reading, writing and speaking, after visiting Mrs. Peacock’s class and seeing their Halloween wax museum they wanted to do a similar project for the winter holidays. They are very excited to do the project, if they don’t have a book at home they wish to read they may go to the Learning Commons at school to get a holiday book. Below are links to all the forms.

sharing-christmas sharing-season-2-letter-home sharing-seasons-sheet-1 sharing-seasons-sheet-2-and-3 sharing-through-the-season-updated-rubric

Small Group Reading and Writing 

Welcome back to school, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. I so enjoyed some time with my kids and all the rest. This week in Reading and Writing we will be reveiwing and doing some writing about Thanksgiving time. We will have spelling words this week. Please help your child practice the words so they will do fanitastic on the spelling test Friday. I am looking forward to a great week! Love, Ms. Dorsett


Monday- Music

Tuesday- PE (wear sneakers)

Wednesday- Health (wear sneakers)

Thursday- STEM

Friday- No specials (fourth grade SOAR day), students will have an extended Fun Friday

Week of 11/14

Important Dates:

Monday, November 14th- Family Thanksgiving luncheon. Mrs. Mohammed’s class will eat at 12:25 and Mrs. Brooks’ class will eat at 12:30. Lunch will be expanded to 45 minutes to accommodate extra family time and photos.

November 15th- Last day to donate cans. Mrs. Brooks class is leading for the school! Thank you parents for all the donations. The food is distributed to families at Big Shanty, they are grateful for every item you send. OK Mrs. Brooks class, let’s win that pizza party!

November 17th– Progress reports due. If your child is experiencing difficulty you will receive a progress report, if your child has 2s or 3s in all their subjects a report will not be sent home.

November 18th- Pie Day! Thank to all the parents who have returned the form volunteering to send in a pie and/or volunteering to help. If you are sending in a pie please send it Friday morning as we don’t have a place to store them. It’s going to be a great day to end our week before our Thanksgiving break.

November 21st-25th- NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Break

Math: This week was a short week for us. The kids had Tuesday off and we did not have regular classes on Friday due to STEM/ Career Day. Still, we started our unit on area by looking at area as the total number of equal sized squares to cover a flat figure. The students explored the relationship of the length and width of different figures with the corresponding area. In recording the lenarea-anchor-chartgth, width and area of their figures in a classroom chart, they noticed that the area of was the product of the length and the width.  They also calculated the area of objects in the classroom such as the bulletin boards, Promethean board, and various tables and shelves. They noted that although we may need to vary our measurement (cm, in, ft) based on the size of the object, area is still measured in square units. We also created chants and hand notions to remember what area is and how to calculate it. We will continue looking at how shapes can have the same area but look different depending on the length and width of the figure. We will also begin our study of perimeter using real world scenarios. Please review math facts daily with your child!  This week Learning their multiplication and division facts with fluency is a third grade standard and will help them greatly as we move forward.

Social Studies: We began our study of Paul Revere.  The students studied his role in the Boston Tea Party and the impact of his paul-revereMidnight Ride by viewing a short movie clip and taking notes from a short biography. They also read Readers Theater scripts during independent reading to learn more about his life and character. We created chants to recall all of the important information about this great historical figure. Remember to ask your students about what they are learning. One of the best ways for kids to synthesize their learning is to teach it to others.






Reading: The non-fiction outlines on Edmodo have been graded, overall the students did an excellent job and should be ready to write one using two different resources. Last week students went to the learning commons and checked out a book on a subject they want to learn more about. They also selected a book from the classroom on their topic. This week they will select three things they want to learn more about their topic and will use the two books to research (standard RI9). Hopefully we will have some time to get some PebbleGo research in on the computers. We will also complete Reading Touchstone 2 and have a short Edmodo assessment on standards RI1 and RI2. We have a lesson in the Learning Commons on Tuesday regarding using text features to help locate information in non-fiction texts. Eagle Eyes are due on Monday, I believe there are only five students who have one due, amazing when you consider they were out of school on Tuesday and were working on STEM/Career Day all day Friday!


Spelling: We will have spelling words this week, they are taken from the “Essential Words for Third Grade Students” list in our writing folders so the students will have the same words. We will be using this list to generate our spelling lists for the next several weeks. I plan to monitor any words that give the students difficulty and will add them to additional lists. They will use their choice menu (a new one will come after Thanksgiving Break) to select four activites to complete and turn in on Friday. The assessment will also be on Friday.

Spelling City

Writing: Everyone has selected their next seed idea and has begun putting their ideas together. We used a “booklet” of three pages to divide our ideas into beginning, middle and end. The students took time to determine what should go in each section and wrote a few words to remind them of the specific idea they wanted to put into their writing. They then spent time creating three different beginnings for their story. This was a struggle for many, they needed to develop a beginning that had dialogue, another one that started with action and a final one that combined dialogue and action. Due to the difficulty most of the students combined their dialogue and action beginnings for the one that needed both. This week they are going to write fast and furious, getting as much out onto paper as they can. It is stream of thought and doesn’t necessarily flow in sequence. They will later go in and decide which thoughts they want to keep and where to add them into their writing.

Grammar: We are introducing idioms and figurative language this week. We will begin by watching a Brainpop video (a link has been put under grammar on Edmodo) and working on a flipchart on the board determining word/phrase meaning as a group. This should be fun for them as they will be using phrases such as “raining cats and dogs”, “a ray of sunshine” and “prickly as a cactus”. They did a great job working with pronouns last week, I’ve graded the work we did in class and the scores were excellent.

Small Group Reading and Writig: This week in reading we are going to review all the spelling and phonics rules we have learned so far. Be sure to ask your child to tell you about glued sounds, letters that say k, vowel sounds, suffixes and diaprahs. Learning and using these spellng rules will help us to become better readers and writers. Spelling words this week, test on Friday. Here are the words, please help your child study and learn the rules and how to spell these words. Thank you inadvance for your support! plants,winks,thank,next,foxes,admit,spills,jumping,drilled,jumped.

In writing we are going to write about Thanksgiving and some of our favorite memories and we will use some mentor texts to inspire us about turkys and the trouble they can get themselves into. On Friday, your child has a turkey disguise project due. I am looking forward to seeing what your turkey will be disguesed as so he will not be on the dinner table.  Love, Ms. Dorsett

Specials for the Week:

Monday- Music

Tuesday- PE (wear sneakers)

Wednesday- Health (wear sneakers)

Thursday- STEM

Friday- Art

November 7th-11th

Important dates:

November 8th– No school for students

November 10th– STEM night 6 pm-7:30 pm. Come out and enjoy STEM activities with your child. Thank you to everyone who has donated supplies!

November 11th- Career/STEM day at school.

November 14th- Family Thanksgiving lunch, Mohammed’s class is at 12:25 and Brooks’ class is at 12:30. Students have 45 minutes for lunch and there will be a photographer there.

November 15th- Last day for the canned food drive. Mrs. Brooks has told her homeroom if they reach 250 cans she will do a special surprise for the entire class. At last count they had 178 cans!

November 18th- Pie day! We will have math and language arts activities that involve pies. More information to come in Thursday folders.

November 21st-25th- No school, Thanksgiving holiday

Wow! The third grade play was amazing. Thank you Mrs. Winton for videoing the program. They are too big for me to post on the blog but I have posted them to my youtube channel and the link is below.

Mrs. Brooks youtube channel

Reading: We are moving into main idea in non-fiction text. On Monday we will take a GOFAR to practice writing out complete answers to questions. We only have two students with Eagle Eyes due on Monday! Great job turning them in early and several students turned in “extras” so they can go to the Eagle Eye party. There is NO SPELLING this week due to the day off on Tuesday and Friday being dedicated to STEM/Career Day.

Writing: Students selected their next seed idea to begin their story this week. We implemented a strategy to help them keep their ideas organized and to make corrections/additions easier.

Grammar: We will be introducing pronouns and antecedents.

Math: This week we had shortened math periods due to play practice. Still, we looked at patterns in the 10s times tables and explored the power of 10 when multiplying by multiples of 10. The students explored the relationship between the number of zeros in the factors and the number of zeros in the product. They realized that the power of 10 can be used when multiplying problems such as 7 x 30, wherein we can simply multiply 7 x 3, and place a zero in the ones place of the product. So 7 x 3 = 21. Placing a zero in the ones place makes the product 210. We talked about how the placement of one zero increases the value of the original product by 10. We also talked about how important it is to not say that we are “adding” a zero because adding a zero does not change the value of the number.

Science: We studied fossils this week. We read and discussed how fossils are formed and went on a fossil dig. Ask you children about the “fossils” they uncovered. Next week we will start our study of Paul Revere.

Small Group Reading and Writing : This week in reading we are going to learn about two new suffixes beginning with vowels ed and ing. Our spelling words this week will be taxes, stiff, claps, misses, singing, drilling, jumping, rented, drifted, crashed. Our spelling will be on Thursday. In writing we are going to learn more about the election process and write about who we would vote for, Duck or Grace? See you Monday! Love, Ms. Dorsett

With the day out of school on Tuesday I need to check the specials schedule to see if day 2 is on Wednesday or if we are continuing with day 3 on Wednesday. Both classes will have PE on Monday and will need to wear sneakers.