Week of October 31- November 4

Important Dates:

November 1st- 6-7:30 pm, Third Grade Class Play! If your child is participating they need to wear a red, white or blue shirt along with pants/shorts that have rear pockets.

November 8th- NO SCHOOL for students

November 9th- the food drive ends.

November 10th- STEM night from 6-7:30 pm. It is a great time for everyone in the family. Please come out and participate in math and science experiments.

November 11th- STEM/Career Day. Students should wear red, white or blue. The morning will be spent learning about careers and the afternoon will be used to work on STEM activities in the classroom.

November 14th- Thanksgiving lunch. Mrs. Mohammed’s class will go to lunch at 12:25 and Mrs. Brooks’ class will go at 12:30. Lunch will be 45 minutes, families are more than welcome to eat with your child. There will be a photographer there to take family photos.

November 21st-25th- NO School, Thanksgiving break.

Math: We continued looking at patterns in the multiplication tables. The students have become very good at noticing if the products are odd or even and noticing the connection between related sets of facts, such as the 2s and 4s, 3s and 6s, 4s and 8s.  They noticed how you can multiply a factor by two and double the product to find the factor by 4. They also learned a fun trick for their nines.

Please work with your children to memorize their multiplication facts.  This will help them greatly!

This past week, we practiced using the distributive property to solve multiplication problems. This week. we will see how the associative property can be used to solve multiplication problems with more than 2 factors.

Social Studies: We discussed the different levels of government, starting with the federal government, then the state government, and finally the local government. We created chants to remember the different levels of government and how they are organized.

Reading: We will be going more indepth with text features of non-fiction texts in our small group. In our large group lessons we will begin discussion main idea of non-fiction texts and will carry it into our small group lessons next week. Eagle Eyes are due on Monday, I believe only one child did not turn one in by Friday last week! We also have four students who already have enough points for the second 9 weeks Eagle Eye Party.

Spelling: Students have leveled lists this week, their words are homophones so they will need to listen carefully to the sentences on the Friday assessment. Four choices from their menu will be due on Friday.

Writing: Students will be selecting their next seed idea to write a full story. They will be expected to work more independently on this story, they have tools within their writing folders and journals to help them edit and organize their stories.

Grammar: We will be wrapping up our unit on verbs. The children have done a great job with verb tense, irregular verbs and subject verb agreement.

Small Group Reading and Writing: This week in our small group class we will have new spelling words that have suffixes s, es, ed, ing. Please help your child practice their spelling words and learn the rules we are discussing in class. We have learned about bonus letters f, l, s z. Glued sounds like ank, ong, ing, ink, ank, unk, onk,am, an and more. In writing we are going to read Duck for President and vote for duck or farmer. I wonder who will win! I am looking forward to a great week with my eagles! Love, Ms. Dorsett

Specials for the Week:

Monday: PE (wear sneakers)

Tuesday: Health (wear sneakers)

Wednesday: STEM

Thursday: Art

Friday: Music

October 24th-28th

Important Dates:

October 24th- School food drive begins. Please send in cans and/or dry goods. We have a school wide competition for the homeroom with the most food brought in and third grade has a separate competition for the student bringing the most. The “winners” will receive reserved front row seats at the Third Grade Musical on November 1st.

October 28th- Fall Dance 6-8 pm, tickets must be purchased to attend the dance!

October 31st- Scholastic order will be placed. If you wish to order from the forms sent home in Thursday folders you may send the form along with payment in to school. You may also order online at Scholastic Book Club the class code is NBX43. There are several books for a dollar and you can order from different grade levels online. Books are shipped for free with no tax to the classroom in about a week.

November 1st- Third Grade play 6 pm. If your child is performing they should wear a red, white or blue shirt and pants with pockets.

November 8th- NO School for students

November 10th- STEM night 6-7:30 pm.

November 11th- STEM/Career Day, students should wear red, white or blue

Red Ribbon Week:

Monday- Wear red, white and blue

Tuesday- Career Day/Dress to Impress

Wednesday- Superhero Day

Thursday- Wear your shirt backwards

Friday- Wear a sports shirt/jersey


Math: In Math this week, we looked for patterns in the multiplication facts. We reviewed the 0-5s and noted patterns such as: any factor times 2 equals an even product, any factor times 3 yields a product wherein the sum of the digits equals 3, 6, or 9. Students were informally exposed to the distributive property when they noticed that to find a factor x 4, you could just double the product of 2. The students came up with a chant and hand movements to recall the distributive property as well as the half and double trick to multiply by 4. They also made some impressive observations: an even factor x an even factor = an even product, an odd factor x an odd factor = an odd product, and an even factor x an odd factor = an even product. We were very impressed at what the students were able to notice. the students’ level of thinking.

Science/ Social Studies: We did not have Social Studies this week due to early release. We will begin our study of federal, state, and local government.

Reading: We have gotten started with our non-fiction unit. The students did a great job with our text feature overview last week, this week we will go into more detail with specific features in our small groups. In our large group lessons we will practice locating “pop out” sentences to help define the main idea. The students will practice constructing a rough outline of the text using Edmodo. Eagle Eyes are due on Monday. Many of the children are in the habit of turning in their Eagle Eye early, we also have several that are turning in “extra” Eagle Eyes in order to attend the Eagle Eye party. We already have two students who have qualified for the second 9 weeks party! We have been assured the Eagle Eye party for the first 9 weeks will be Friday.

Spelling: Our spelling words this week are words the students need to spell in their writing as well as some content area words. They do not have a leveled list this week. As usual, four homework choices are due on Friday. spelling city

Writing: We have the computer lab reserved on Monday and Tuesday so the students may type their final copy of their seed idea. We will begin work on their second piece Wednesday.

Grammar/Speaking: We will work with subject/verb agreement in sentences during grammar this week. All students’ poem recitation is due on Friday, October 28th.

Small Group Reading and Writing This week in reading we will be reviewing our glued sounds, sounds that say k, words with suffixes and bonus letters. We will have spelling words this week with an assessment on Friday our spelling words are bang, king, sung, gong ,sink, yank, bells, kicks, things, chunks. Please help your child practice their spelling words. We are working on learning to write a sentence that is dictated to us, this is challenging as you have to listen and hear all the sounds and then use what we have learned to write the correct sentence. The kids are doing a good job, we will keep practicing. All students’ poem recitation is due on Friday, October 28th. Check with your child about how they are doing with learning their poem. Have them recite it you.  In writing we are going to focus on the book Room on the Broom we have many writing, sequencing and retelling activities to help us with our comprehension of this fun Fall themed book. As usual I am looking forward to a great week with these fabulous kids!! Love, Ms. Dorsett

Specials for the Week:

Monday: PE (wear sneakers)

Tuesday: Health (wear sneakers)

Wednesday: STEM

Thursday: Practice for the play

Friday: Practice for the play

Speech Assignment

All of the students in Mrs. Mohammed’s and Mrs. Brooks’ homerooms were assigned a poem to memorize and recite on October 28th. Below are links to the two poems, if your student has lost their copy you may print one. If your child doesn’t remember which poem they were assigned they need to ask Mrs. Brooks or Ms. Dorsett.

bat-poem       pumpkins-poem

Week of 10/17- 10/21


Please go to the following link to complete the Georgia parent survey regarding the climate of Big Shanty.  http://apps.gadoe.org/schoolclimate/parents.nsf/Survey.xsp

Important Dates:

October 17th-21st- Parent conference week, early release (12:15) all week. If you need to use ASP this week please ensure your child is enrolled. 

October 17th-21st- Book Fair in the Learning Commons. Students are going to preview the Bookfair Monday morning, they will have forms to fill out for things that they wish to purchase.

October 21st- Teal team house party! Congratulations teal team for winning the first nine weeks. The Eagle Eye party will also be held on Friday.

October 24th- Canned food drive begins along with Red Ribbon week.

October 28th- Fall dance 6-8 pm, tickets need to be purchased in advance.

November 1st- Third grade play following the PTA meeting at 6 pm.

We are looking forward to meeting with everyone at conferences this week! Due to early release our specials and lunch times are different this week. Mohammed has lunch at 11:15-11:45 and specials at 9:15-9:50. Brooks has lunch at 11:17-11:47 and specials at 9:50-10:25.

Math: We have spent the past week solidifying our understanding of multiplication as a the total number of objects, given that there are the same number of objects in each of the groups in the set and division as the separating of the total into a set number of groups. We have worked countless problems and have compared and contrasted the two operations. We also explored how we could use multiplication to find the missing number in a division expression.

This week we will look for patterns in the multiplication tables and chart ways to derive the facts for each set of facts 0-10. The videos below have songs to help your child commit the facts to memory. By the end of third grade, all students are expected to fluently know multiplication and division facts to 100. The videos below include the 11s and 12s, but students will only be tested on their facts 0-10.

To support the learning of their facts, our homework will now consist of a tic-tac-to multiplication option. This will take the place of the homework sheets and packets that have been coming home. Students are required to complete one of the 9 activities each night and turn them in on Friday. This is to help your child, so if he/ she would like to complete the same activity each night, that is perfectly fine- as long as they complete one each night.

The multiplication tic-tac-to can be found  here: multiplication-facts-choice-board-1t271pu

Science: We finished up our soil rotations by visiting all of the science teachers, who shared various lessons. This is what your students have been up to. With Mrs. Robichaux, they compared and contrasted two samples of sand from different places around the globe. With Mrs.Gonzales, they used microscopes to compare the particle sizes of sand, clay, and loam. With Mrs. Laudick, they observed a demonstration of water passing through each type of soil and make the connection to how particle size can contribute to how well a soil can hold water. With Mrs. Cantrell, they were given tubs of tubs of soil and examined things that make up soil. They used tweezers and other tools to carefully remove the items and place them on a soil sorting card. With me, they used their sense of touch to try and determine the contents of three different boxes.

Reading: We will begin our non-fiction unit on Monday. Students will learn how to focus and locate the pertinent information within a non-fiction text. Our first area of study is using non-fiction features such as captions, table of contents, glossary etc. to locate information. The students did a fantastic job of turning in Eagle Eyes early this week, I think only 7 of the 39 students have one due on Monday!

Writing: Students will finish up their final copy of the first seed idea. They will use a checklist to ensure they have completed all the steps necessary for a final copy.

Grammar: Due to the shortened school day this week we will not have a focused grammar lesson, it will be embedded within our writing.

Spelling: We will not have a leveled assessment this week as all the words are words writers need to know how to spell. As usual we will have four homework assignments due on Friday.

Small Group Reading and Writing

This week in small group reading we will continue to review words with bonus letters. words with glued sounds and words that have the k sound. We will have spelling words this week.  Our words are munch, slick, chill, hall, gruff, bring, flung, blank, shrink, toss. Please help your child practice these words so they will know how to spell them and so that they can do well on the assessment on Friday. We will also have reading homework this week, please look for that in your child’s expandable folder.

In writing this week we will use a mentor text Room on the Broom we will have many different activities to help us explore and use this book in our reading and writing. I am looking forward to a great but short week. I look forward to seeing all of you at your conference this week. Love, Ms. Dorsett

Specials for the Week:

Monday: PE (please wear sneakers)

Tuesday: Health (please wear sneakers)

Wednesday: STEM

Thursday: Art

Friday: Music

October 10 -14

Important Dates:

October 14th: Eagle Awards, if your child is receiving an award an invitation will be sent home on Monday. Awards are based upon marks on the update located in the back of the agenda. Students with 1-3 marks for the 9 weeks will receive a Blue Eagle Award, students with 0 marks for the 9 weeks will receive a Gold Eagle Award. Each 9 weeks begins anew so if your child didn’t receive an award for the first 9 weeks they have three more opportunities. Please note the time of the awards ceremony as they differ for Brooks and Mohammed homeroom.

The Eagle Eye party is also Friday, between Brooks and Mohammed’s homerooms we have six students going! Congratulations to Isaac, Auhdrina, Anthony, Nathan, Fibi and Lia. The requirements for third grade first 9 weeks is 4 points each in fiction and non-fiction, to go to the party they need 16 points, quite an achievement for our students. Monday October 10th begins a new 9 weeks. For the remainder of the year students need 5 points in fiction and non-fiction for the school requirement and 16 points total for the Eagle Eye party.

October 15th: Campus Clean Up day from 9 am-1 pm. Students who attend will receive house coins! If you can spare any time between 9 and 1 please come help. We would like to complete our greenhouse and get some more landscaping done around our outdoor STEM lab. No experience necessary!

October 17th-21st: We have the Scholastic Book Fair in the Media Center and Parent Conference week. Thank you to everyone that has returned your conference form and/or emailed your homeroom teacher. If you haven’t returned the form please do so as soon as possible so changes can be made if needed. If you are unable to come in for a meeting we can hold one by phone, just note on the form if you need a phone conference. All the papers will be sent home with your child in an envelope if you need a phone conference.

November 1st: Third Grade Class play 6 pm. The children will be performing in a Veteran’s Day themed play right after the PTA meeting. Thank you if you have returned the form letting us know if your child will attend. If you haven’t returned the form and plan on your child performing please return it as soon as possible as the children will be rehearsing on the stage and we need to know how many students we will have.


Science: In Science this week, the students traveled to different classes to have a lesson on soil. Students explored the differences between loam, clay, and sand, viewed them under a microscope, and conducted an experiment to see which one of the three retained the most water. We will continue with these rotations on Monday and Tuesday of this week before beginning our unit on government. Our highlight this week was our trip to Vulcan. The students watched a movie to learn about how Vulcan mines rock and the processes it undergoes to produce the different grades and sizes of granite it offers to its customers. The students collected their own samples of granite before driving around the site to get a closer look at some of the machines.


In Math this week, we explored division problems as a partitive operation in which a total amount is shared equal among a group. We modeled simple division problems using counters before transitioning to drawings. Below is an introductory video to division by sharing.

We also explored the relationship between multiplication and division by looking at the related fact families that can be derived from a single multiplication or division problem.

fact-family   We will continue looking at the relationship between multiplication and division as well as exploring the different types of division problems: using the whole to find the number of groups or the number in each group.

Please work with your child on committing their multiplication facts to memory. Fluency with facts up to 100 is a third grade standard.

Reading: We will finish reading Stone Fox this week and complete the first unit of our Lucy Calkins reading curriculum. Our next unit is non-fiction reading, while the focus is non-fiction the students will continue to read chapter books of their choice. In small groups we will continue our lesson on summarizing a chapter, the students are writing a sentence for the main idea and adding three details to support the main idea. They are submitting their paragraphs through Edmodo. A new 9 weeks for Eagle Eyes begins on 10/10, an Eagle will be due on Monday. Forms are available in both homerooms and students are encouraged to take extras home. If your child forgets their Eagle Eye form a link to the learning commons webpage is pinned at the top of their reading group on Edmodo. You can go to the link and print off the form you need.

Spelling: Students will receive their new spelling list on Monday, their level is based upon their performance on the last assessment (the graded assessment will be in Thursday folders). They will use the choice board from last week and complete four activities to be turned in on Friday. We have all activities due on Friday for two reasons, one is that is takes a lot of class time each day to check spelling homework, second is students have extra curricular activities during the week so they can plan and do two activities on one night instead of trying to rush to do homework before they have an activity. If they are having trouble keeping up with their homework have them put it in the plastic sleeve with their choice menu and spelling list. They can go to Spelling City to do activities including a practice spelling test.

spelling city

Grammar: We are beginning our verbs standard this week. Students will view some short video clips and complete activities in class. We will first discuss what a verb is in a sentence then will move to verb tense. The video clips are on Edmodo. If your child is having trouble seeing them have them log in to mackinvia first. Their log in is their lunch # and the password is read.



Writing: We are conferencing and finishing up our first seed story. We have moved slowly with this story so students could practice and really understand the steps to writing a personal narrative. We are seeing some really great pieces and the students are listening in conferences and making suggested changes. They have a wonderful understanding of writing a seed story instead of a watermelon and have made fantastic progress with “showing not telling” in their writing. Showing is adding details, telling is just listing what they did. This is the first time they have had dialogue in their writing, they have completely embraced it. We think they are enjoying their stories, possibly because they got to pick the topic instead of being told what to write about.

Small Group Reading and Writing

I am sad to say that the small group math class will now be receiving their instruction from a different teacher at Big Shanty, Mr. Norris. The kids have been going for about a week now and I know they already love him. I am sad that I will not be their math teacher. But Mr. Norris is great and I know they will enjoy learning math with him. Check out his blog for more information.

In reading this week we are continuing to follow the FUNDATIONS curriculum, the kids are learning about glued sounds. Some examples are ing, onk, ink, etc. And we continue to review bonus letters, f,l,s,z and digraphs sh, ch, th, as well as the letters that say (k), c,k,ck. Knowing these rules and others that we are learning will give the kids the phonics understanding and real word sense to help them become better readers and writers.

In writing this week we are going to focus on a read aloud book and use this book as our jumping off place and as a source of inspiration to help us in our writing. We have many fun activities planned, I am looking forward to another exciting week at Big Shanty. I cannot believe that the first nine weeks is already over, we have learned so much and had so much fun. I can’t wait to learn more with these special kids. Love, Ms. Dorsett

Specials for the Week:

Monday: PE, wear sneakers

Tuesday: Health, wear sneakers

Wednesday: STEM, thank you to everyone for continuing to send in STEM supplies, we truly are blessed to have the support of our parents/families at Big Shanty

Thursday: Art

Friday: Music

Welcome Back! Week of 10/3/16

Welcome back everyone! Can you believe it’s October? We hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable Fall Break! With our testing behind us and our schedule back to normal, we are looking forward to finishing this first nine weeks strong!

Important Dates:

October 5th– Field trip to Vulcan! If you haven’t returned your child’s permission form please do so immediately. We can NOT take your child on the field trip without the permission form. If you need another form please email Mrs. Brooks or Mrs. Mohammed immediately. marcy.brooks@cobbk12.org or vaseem.mohammed@cobbk12.org.

October 6th– Big Shanty night at Bojangles. Please come between 4-8 pm, a portion of all sales will be returned to the school. Who knows, perhaps a teacher or administrator will be taking your order!

October 7th– Hat sale! Students may bring a dollar and be allowed to wear a hat of their choice all day. All money raised goes to our Relay for Life team. Also on Friday after school is a kickball tournament, students vs teachers. Forms for kickball were sent home in Thursday folders before the break. If you child is staying for kickball make sure their homeroom teacher knows how they are going home after the game. Refreshments will be available for purchase, again, all proceeds go to the Relay for Life charity team.

October 14th– We will have our Eagle Awards for students who are blue or gold eagles for the 9 weeks. Mrs. Brooks homeroom will have their ceremony at 10:50 am and Mrs. Mohammed’s homeroom will have their ceremony at 9:50 am. If your child is receiving an award an invitation will be sent home. Students who earned 16 Eagle Eye points for the 9 weeks will also have their party in the learning commons. So far four students are attending the party but we still have a week left in the grading period so hopefully more will get to the 16 point goal!

October 15th– Garden Clean Up from 9 am to 1 pm. If you can spare any time please come and help clean up our campus. We have made great progress and hope to complete our greenhouse in addition to getting some more work done on our outdoor STEM lab.

Social Studies

Before leaving for break, we discussed the four types of productive resources and created a chant and hand motions to help us remember the vocabulary. Here is a link to a sorting game we played in class:


We also talked about entrepreneurship and how great companies, like Hershey’s begin with an idea. We had some technical difficulties viewing the video about how Hershey chocolate is made. Feel free to view it with your child. Pause and have your child tell you the types of resources that are seen in the video.


In Science this week, we will study soil. Students will travel to different classes over four days to engage in exploratory activities and experiments to investigate the types of soil. We are also looking forward to visiting Vulcan this week.


Before leaving for break, we looked closely at multiplication in a word problem compared to addition in a word problem. We also created multiplication equations from repeated addition sentences, arrays, and group drawings, so our students could be flexible in their thinking about multiplication.

array repeated-addition




This week in math, we will begin our study of division as a partitioning of a total number of objects into groups using manipulatives and counters. We will also compare and contrast multiplication and division and use our understanding of multiplication to understand division. We will multiplication facts to solve division problems. If 6 x 4 = 24, then 24 / 6 =?

Please work with your children on learning their multiplication facts. Fluently multiplying and dividing numbers up to 100 is a third grade standard.

We will go back to our regular math homework schedule this week. 

Language Arts:

October 7th is the last day to turn in Eagle Eyes for the first 9 weeks. We have four students who have already qualified for the Eagle Eye party, let’s see if we can get more! We will have spelling words this week, it is a leveled list focused on suffixes. Students’ level will be based upon their performance on the last spelling assessment. We will use a choice board for homework, instead of checking homework each day we will save time and have four different choices due on Friday. We will have our assessment on Friday.

In reading we will take our final Touchstone for the 9 weeks on Wednesday. The students will have a reading passage and questions to answer regarding the passage, the assessment will be taken using irespond. We will be focused on retelling and summarizing in our small group lessons. Our large group lessons for the week will be on using context clues to determine word meaning and figurative language in texts. Students have an Edmodo assignment to read a chapter in their independent book and write a summary, the assignment is due by end of class on Friday.

In writing we are working on finishing a seed story. Students selected a seed to expand before we left for the Fall Break. They began writing their draft and conferencing with the teacher regarding which direction to take their writing and how to make corrections.

In grammar we will begin studying the use of quotation marks. Since dialogue is a big part of narrative writing we are introducing the correct usage of quotation marks to help students with their writing. Links for the videos we will be using in class are located on Edmodo.



Monday- Health (wear sneakers)

Tuesday- STEM

Wednesday- Art

Thursday- Music

Friday- NO specials (SOAR day for 5th grade) we will have an extended Fun Friday

Small Group Math, Reading and Writing

Welcome back, I have missed you all! I hope the break was fun and relaxing. In math this week we will review place value, rounding, and multiplication strategies we will also begin looking at division strategies. In small group reading we are continuing to review bonus letters, digraphs, and glued sounds. We will have spelling this week, check your child’s agenda for their spelling words. We will have a spelling assessment on Friday, the spelling words will follow the glued sounds pattern. Glued sounds like an, am, ing, onk, ank etc. In writing we are going to continue to practice our writing skills, we will read several books about fall, leaves and Autumn and we will write using various ideas we have learned from our readings. I am looking forward to a great week, Love Ms. Dorsett.