The American Legion has left tickets for a bar-b-q dinner at the school. It is a fundraiser to help provide Christmas for Veterans in need. The dinner is on November 5th from 11am-8pm, it will be on Main Street in Acworth. Each ticket costs $12 and the meal includes your choice of pork or chicken and sides. Big Shanty will receive back $5 for each ticket sold. If you would like to purchase tickets you can send in the money or check (made out to American Legion) and we will send the tickets home in an envelope with your child.

September 19-23

Important dates:

September 19th- IOWA testing in the morning

September 20th- IOWA testing in the morning

September 21st- IOWA testing in the morning

September 22nd- PTA fundraiser, Walkathon during specials (see link for details)

September 26th-September 30th- NO SCHOOL, Fall Break

October 5th- Vulcan Field Trip

October 6th- Big Shanty night at Bojangles from 4-8 pm. A portion of sales will be given to the school.

October 7th- Relay for Life kickball game, students vs teacher. The game is held after school at 2:30, if your child is attending please make arrangements for pickup or ASP.

Please send in field trip permission slips and money as soon as possible. We are going to Vulcan. Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. Mohammed’s classes will go to the field trip on October 5th.

KICKBALL TOURNAMENT!! Friday, October 7th 2:30 – 4:00. $5.00 per student.

The first 100 students to return their permission forms and money will be able to participate.

We have the Remind101 app for our classroom! Remind101 is a communication system that allows us to text you class updates or reminders. This link includes our class code. To join our class, click the link, enter your first and last name as well as your cellphone number, and then click sign up.

Mrs. Brooks’ Remind 101 link

This app is a wonderful tool to ensure we are able to stay in communication with you regarding your child and school or classroom events!

In math, we will continue learning and practicing multiplication. We want students to be able to model and solve a multiplication sentence using the following four strategies: equal groups, repeated addition, arrays, and a number line. Here is a lengthy but detailed video of how we approach multiplication in third grade and how multiplication and addition are related.

Here is how we use arrays to understand multiplication:

Here is how we multiply using a number-line:

We will also begin to look at multiplication problems in a word problem format. We will analyze addition and multiplication problems, focusing on the similarities and differences between the two operations. What makes a problem an addition problem? What makes a problem a multiplication problem? How are addition and multiplication alike? Different? These are some of the questions your children should be able to answer by the end of this week.

Social Studies:

In Social Studies, this past week, we found Greece on a world map and discussed the contributions that Ancient Greece has made to modern day America: democracy, architecture, and the Olympics. We made up a catchy chant with hand motions to remember all of the vocabulary and information. Ask you child about the difference between a direct and representative democracy. You will be amazed at how much they know.

In this coming week, we will discuss the four different types of resources: natural, human, capital, and entrepreneurial, using popcorn. Yum!

Language Arts:

The children are LOVING Edmodo, we use it in reading and grammar. I am able to post the link to any videos we use in class so students can go back and view them at any time, I can also give assignments that they complete and submit online. They are able to post about the books they are currently reading and respond to other students’ posts. We have learned that posts need to be moderated, students have been told that namecalling (it did happen) and negative comments directed at students will not be tolerated. I can change settings so that students are read only for posts, but can still submit assignments online. There is a parent code for each class, ask your child to login to their Edmodo account to get the code and you can receive notifications. This week we have a standards based assessment in reading and another one in grammar the children will take during class. They can log on and take the assessments any time during the week. Due to testing we have a shortened week and will review plural nouns in grammar. We will select a seed idea to develop into a complete story in writing and in reading we will continue remediation in main idea during small group time and will introduce summarizing/retelling in the large group. Summarizing can be a difficult concept for students to grasp, it is hard for them to discern between important information and details that don’t “move the story along.”

Eagle Eyes are due on Monday, several students have already turned in one. We encourage them to write on their Eagle Eye form each night as they do their 20 minutes of reading, if they do this they can easily complete one a week and turn it on Friday and have a completely free weekend. We do have some students on track to attend the Learning Commons party for going above and beyond on Eagle Eyes. It is very exciting, the last day to turn in an Eagle Eye for the first 9 weeks is October 7th.

Due to testing times we may not make it to specials each day, we will do our best to begin at 8am and get everything taken up and returned so the children can have at least some of their specials class. We will have Fun Friday this week.

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: PE (please wear tennis shoes)

Thursday: Health (please wear tennis shoes)

Friday: NO specials (4th grade SOAR day)

Small Group Math, Reading and Writing

This week in math we will be looking at multiplication. Learning first how to make equal groups and then repeated addition. We will continue to practice and review rounding, place value as well as addition and subtraction strategies. In small group reading we will continue to focus on the FUNDATIONS program and this week we will review bonus letters,  and we will learn about glued sounds. This week our spelling words are ball, ham, fan, fang, ring, honk, song, lung, junk, bank, and pink. All these words represent the glued sounds we are learning this week and this knowledge will help us to spell and sound out words that follow this pattern in our reading and writing. In writing we are continuing to work on our narrative writing and using the skills we learned in reading to make us better writers. With testing continuing this week our schedule will be off but I am looking forward to a great week. Love, Ms. Dorsett

September 12-September 16

Upcoming Events:

Third grade will begin CogAT testing on Tuesday. Testing for CogAT and IOWA will continue through September 21st. Students MUST be present in the classroom before 8 am in order to take the test. Students who are tardy will be given a makeup test at a later date or later in the afternoon if possible. Please send a healthy snack for your child  so they will be able to concentrate on their tests. Breakfast is also available at school for students. Due to the testing we will be changing classes every other day. On Tuesday classes will spend the day with their homeroom teacher, Wednesday they will spend the day with the teacher across the hall. We do this to accommodate the time lost due to testing and for students who may have extended time as a testing accommodation. Due to testing specials times may not be exactly as we normally attend. The daily schedule is posted below, but time may be slightly off.

September 12th- Eagle Walkathon kickoff. The students will be raising money for the school through the walkathon. It is the only fundraiser we do for the year, please contribute anything that you can. Teachers will be offering prizes to win in addition to the PTA having grand prizes. Mrs. Brooks is offering a private arachnid show for six lucky students! Her husband will bring real, live arachnids (tarantulas and scorpions) for an after school show. Students don’t touch the animals but may look and ask questions.

September 26th-30th- NO School, Fall break

Language Arts:

NO spelling until after the Fall Break. We will be addressing main idea in reading through our mini lessons and through small group lessons. Students will be writing in their journals about the main idea of the passage they read that day and will also be making Edmodo posts about the main idea of their independent reading book. We will be addressing plural nouns in grammar with a pre-test on Edmodo on Monday and continuing the standard for the rest of the week. Any videos we watch pertaining to standards will be posted on Edmodo so the children may go back and review at any time. In writing they will be selecting a seed idea to develop into a complete story. They have been doing an amazing job using their senses to write details and narrowing their ideas from watermelons into seed ideas.

Eagle Eyes are due Monday, many students turned one in early and we have several students on track to attend the Learning Commons party for students who exceed the class expectations!

We are going to begin working on multiplication. We will practice one digit by one digit, for example 2 x 5. We will begin by working with concrete objects to model multiplicative situations. Our goal is for students to be able to understand multiplication as the summation of the equal number of objects in a set number of groups. We will also explore the relationship between multiplication and addition by writing the corresponding repeated addition problem with the multiplication equation.

We will use word problems, arrays, number lines, and equal groups to teach this concept. Click here for an example video of equal groups.

Parents. you can support your students by helping them learn their multiplication facts. By the time students leave third grade, they are expected to have fluency of their facts from  0-10. It’s not too early to get started.

Important note: NO math homework this week due to statewide testing!

Social Studies:
In social studies, we will be learning about democracy. Students will learn how Ancient Greece has shaped our country’s government and influenced our architecture. We will discover what direct and representative democracies are and how they operate. We will compare contributions from ancient Athens with modern day. Students will also locate Greece on a world map, using latitude and longitude. 



Small Group Math, Reading and Writing:

In small group this week our schedule will be different because of the testing schedule.  In math we will continue to practice rounding,  and place value strategies. We will begin discussing multiplication and the different strategies. In reading we are going to continue with Fundations, as well as we will begin For writing we will look at our narrative writing strategies and continue to practice writing.  I’m looking forward to a great week, Love Ms. Dorsett!


Monday- Art


Wednesday- PE (wear sneakers)

Thursday- Health (wear sneakers)

Friday- STEM

September 5th-September 9th

Upcoming Events:

September 6th- Family Dinner night at Big Pie in the Sky. Please visit Big Pie between 4-8 pm on Tuesday, September 6th. Tell them you are with Big Shanty and a portion of your purchase will come back to the school!

September 7th- Progress reports come home for students who currently have a 1 in a subject area or are struggling with behavior issues.

September 9th- Patriots Day. Please ensure your child is wearing red, white, blue or a combination of the colors on Friday. We will be having a ceremony to honor our local First Responders at 1:30 pm.

Please send in canned goods! The last day to collect is September 9th.

September 13th- CogAT testing begins for third grade.

Language Arts:

Due to the shortened week and SOAR day for third grade on Friday and testing for the two weeks after we will NOT be having spelling words until after the Fall Break. In reading we will focus on envisioning and predicting and remediate sequencing where needed. We will discuss why it is important to envision the story and make predictions as we read and how doing these two things in reading also helps improve our writing. Throughout the year we will foster the concept of reading and writing being connected, understanding that they don’t stand alone as academic subjects will aid in improving our reading and writing. Students will work alone with their independent chapter book, with their partner using their shared book and meet with the teacher to discuss their books.

Tuesday during Eagle Time is third grade library checkout. Students may leave the room to go to the Learning Commons between 7:15-7:30. Students are sent back for announcements at 7:45.

Eagle Eyes are due on Tuesday this week due to the holiday. Many students turned them in early and some turned in extras! A reminder list was posted on the board Thursday morning and students were reminded several times to take Eagle Eye forms. The forms are available in both homerooms and the learning commons. Not turning in an Eagle Eye results in an agenda mark and study hall on Fun Friday.

In writing we will add the concept of writing about a special thing. The teacher will bring an item that is special to her and share it with the class along with a book that reflects the concept. Students will brainstorm things that are special to them and can bring one to school to help them develop their story. We will continue to focus on seed ideas instead of the whole watermelon. We will incorporate the reading idea of envisioning into our writing. The students will be encouraged to close their eyes and “see the movie” playing in their head of the event surrounding their special item. Below is a link to a video of the book we will be using in writing this week.

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge

The past week we worked on adding three-digit numbers using expanded form and base 10 with regrouping. We also continued to revisit rounding to the nearest ten and nearest hundred. It is important to continue practicing this skill throughout the year so that students retain the information. This upcoming week, we will begin subtraction of three digit-numbers, by regrouping using base-1o blocks and expanded form. Subtraction using the traditional algorithm is a fourth grade standard. As such, students will be exposed to the standard algorithm, but will be asked to use drawings and expanded form to represent their understanding on assessments. In third grade, our goal is to focus on conceptual understanding. When students are taught the standard algorithm without understanding the reasoning behind the steps, they may become adept at arriving at the correct answer but are unable to articulate the whys of what they are doing. Our goal is  to teach math with understanding by focusing on conceptual understanding. We feel that procedural fluency without conceptual understanding does not build strong mathematicians. 

Attached is a video that explains how students will be subtracting using base 10 drawings.

We will also discuss using an open numberline as a strategy for subtracting. However, our focus will be in counting up from the smaller number to the larger number as opposed to counting backwards.

In students’ Thursday Folders are math assessments from the past two weeks. These were sent home to allow you to see your child’s progress.

This week in science we started our study of rocks and minerals. We will continue this unit through next week. Students will be observing rocks with magnifying glasses. The “big idea” is for students to realize rocks are made of minerals! Students will also construct a piece of “granite” using given materials. Students will sketch, share, and write about their observations.

Career Day/ STEM Day:

Students had a blast learning about various careers. Mrs. Mohammed and Mrs. Wilkes’ homeroom attended a presentation by the owners of the new Menchies yogurt shop, opening soon on Barrett and Cobb Parkway. They also participated in an activity on saving and spending money by balancing needs vs. wants. Mrs. Brooks and Ms. Dorsett’s students attended a presentation on saving and spending money and a presentation by Vulcan Materials. Lastly, all third grade students participated in a STEM activity in which they needed to create a free standing structure that would reduce erosion of soil by wind using only the provided materials: pipe cleaners, Popsicle sticks, straw and 2 feet of masking tape. Students worked in groups and collaborated to blend ideas before designing and constructing their final design. Students’ creations were tested using “wind” from a hair dryer. It was great to see so many students engaged in learning!

General reminders from Mrs. Mohammed, Mrs. Brooks, Ms. Dorsett & Mrs. Wilkes:
Thursday Folders are sent home each Thursday.  These folders are the primary means of sending home important school papers, as well as your child’s graded work from the week. It is important for you to take the papers out of these folders and review any information that may be applicable to you! Also, agendas need to be signed EACH THURSDAY. This signature is under the behavior chart in your child’s agenda. It’s in the back of the agenda. If students’ agendas are not signed, they receive a mark in their agenda. Thank you for all of your help and diligence with this!

Small Group Reading, Writing and Math:

This week in small group reading we are continuing to work on the FUNDATIONS Skills, specifically what letters say (k), and what letters are digraphs and what they say ch, ck, th, sh, what says (w) and using qu. Our spelling words this week are all related to these topics we are working on in class.  Our spelling words are cup, pack, milk, with, whip, crush, bath, chin, stick, quit. Please practice these words with your child.

In small group writing today we will be writing about our long weekend focusing on the who, what, where and when of the activity. We are continuing to use correct punctuation and capitalization in our writing and expanding our knowledge of sight words and new words.

Small group math we began subtraction with regrouping. See the video above for more details on how to help your child. We started with two digit numbers and will work up to three digit numbers. I am looking forward to a fun week in small group. Love, Ms. Dorsett

Specials for the Week:

Tuesday- PE (wear tennis shoes)

Wednesday- Health (wear tennis shoes)

Thursday- STEM

Friday- SOAR day (wear sneakers) three specials